Reasons Why You Should Work Out With a Friend (or More of Them)

Let’s be realistic, the Almighty has little endowed us with a strong enough character and the ability to overcome all obstacles by ourselves, without anyone’s help. No matter how persistent we are, sometimes we stumble and we need someone or something to push us towards the goal. Whatever that goal is.

Every man always needs a wingman, a loyal friend with whom he will share the last drop of alcohol, whom he will call when the car leaves him in the middle of the road, with whom he will gossip about his ex-girlfriend (with the alcohol we already mentioned)… The same goes for girls. Especially that part about the ex. Conclusion: We are social beings. Period.

In line with the above, a friend and partner are desirable everywhere, and in the gym, maybe, more than anywhere. Why in the gym? Because our visits to the fitness center should have a goal to bring our body to the desired (or desirable) state. The keyword is the goal. The problem is that the process of bringing the body from the current to the desired state and shape usually requires time, effort, and sweat. And it is easier in pair. Or in the company of three. Or more.

We contemplated the good reasons why you should work out with a partner or more of them. And here are the results of our intellectual efforts…

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It’s Not Cool to Stood Up

Sunday. A day for leisure. You are lying on the couch, watching the sixth season of your favorite series for who knows how many times or bet online on websites of bookmakers, listed here, that offer the best free bets… you do whatever that does not imply physical activity. But, you promised your buddy that you two will do chest exercise that day at noon, and he just cannot wait to bench press 220 lb. You pick up the phone, come up with some lame excuse: you are sick, you went to the toilet 10 times this morning, etc… In the middle of typing your lying tirade, you got the message, saying “Hey, today, noon. Don’t stand me up.“ And, you have no choice, you delete what you started typing, get up, and pack your training bag.

Joke aside, a psychological study by Stony Brook University in New York found that the training habits your friends and family have affect your personal motivation for the same thing. The closer we are to a friend who loves to work out and is persistent in it, the greater the chances that we ourselves will be victims of conformism – in the most positive sense of the word.

It’s More Fun in Two (or Three)

Let’s be realistic – it is a little depressing to work out alone. Even if you are a wicked genius who despises the world, you need someone who will laugh at you and, of course, someone to whom you will laugh while they moan, pant, and sweat. After all, someone needs to capture a moment from the gym, and the selfie technique is not always available. Unless you are so skillful with your toes…

No Slacking

When you work out in pairs, you cannot ’steal’ time. Someone is there to count your exercises, shout at you, and motivate you to endure the last exercise to the end… And that is important. The same study found that 64 % of girls who work out would not reach their own limit if there was no one to encourage them to do so. The best thing is that this is mutual and reciprocal.

You’re Less Likely to Quit

Research says that more than 40 % of people leave collective activities, including fitness, if they get involved in them solo. However, if you go to yoga, pilates, or some tougher program with a friend, for example, Tabata, the chance that you will quit is significantly reduced and is only about 6 %.

Training and a Coffee Shop – More Socializing

The fitness center is one of the favorite places where people hang out together. In the era of social media, there are fewer and fewer places where people really physically meet and get to know each other, so this positive trend should definitely be welcomed. More than half of the exercisers, according to some American research, like to drink a shake or some other refreshment with their friends after training. Here is another reason to go to work out with friends – you will definitely spend more time with them.

Sexy Thing

Have you considered training with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse? You should. Studies have shown that couples who train together show more satisfaction with the relationship. Psychologists say that this activity enhances sexual attraction among partners. We can take their word for it or simply give it a try…

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Posted by / March 24, 2021