Reviewing Organifi Green Juice Powder

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Serving Count: 30/bottle

Calories: 24/serving

Cost: $58/1 bottle, $150/3 bottles

Return Policy: 30 Days

Vegan, Gluten & Soy Free: Yes

Product rating: 8/10


Does It Make A Difference?

What can Organifi Green Juice Powder do for your weight loss and wellness journey? By cutting out the need for preparation, this superfood juice is a powerful one-stop shot to energizing your mornings with a punch packed with nutritious greens. My Organifi review looks closely at what it is, how it helps, what it’s made of, and the great results consistent use can do for you!


Organifi Green Juice Powder is a ground superfood-based supplement food meant to be mixed and drunk with water or added to recipes. It’s supposed to help diets, exercise plans, and promote general healthy eating and living! The main focus is on leafy greens and vegetables, but the brand also has Red and Gold versions available to help the mind and sleep respectively.


There was a lot to appreciate from Organifi. It’s quick, easy, and full of great, healthy ingredients. My favorite parts about my month drinking this green juice were:

  • Immune system support
  • Excellent digestive help (it seriously helped me poop!)
  • Tons of superfoods in a pretty small serving
  • The fastest, easiest way to get nutrients for busy mornings
  • Strong minty flavor helped make it taste less like grass
  • Great energy boosts to help lose weight by promoting activity
  • Curbs sugar cravings
  • Gluten free, 100% vegan and soy-free
  • Complimentary recipe download with purchase


I really did like the Organifi Green Juice Powder, but there were a few things I could’ve done without. The downsides aren’t much and I still strongly recommend this product, but I wouldn’t feel right without mentioning a few of these minor issues I had:

  • The taste of the powder is pretty strong, and not super great. Just adding it to water was a little hard to get used to at first.
  • You have to refrigerate this after opening, so it took up a corner of my fridge I usually for other things.
  • A little pricey for only 1 month worth of product
  • Only 2g of protein


As you can see, the pros pretty much outweigh the cons, and the problems I did have with this powder were mainly due to my picky tastes. I wish it wasn’t quite as expensive, but you get what you pay for, so the quality is worth it.

Another reminder that this is simply a supplement to a workout plan that should include physical activity such as weight training, cardio, yoga and so on. 

There is a lot of other supplement powders out there, but I like Organifi just because it’s easy and I needed something that was quick and could help get a full serving of vegetables in my diet. The superfoods are great, I loved the energy boosts, and it does a good job at trying to get over the whole taste thing by offering recipes on their website, which I tried a lot of.

I don’t really like to eat a lot of vegetables, so feeling like I was being nutritious and getting my daily greens is what sold me. This product is aimed more towards women like me who just need that boost first thing in the morning but can’t be bothered with a juicer.


Since it is a superfood powder, you’ll find tons of ingredients when you look at the label. A lot of these things I really hadn’t heard of before or understood the benefits of, so I took the time to do a little bit of research and I’m going to point out the main helpful ingredients:

  • Spirulina: Don’t freak when I say this is a type of algae! It’s a very powerful source of natural protein and antioxidants that replicate a lot of the nutritious values that meat has. This powder is important for vegans thanks to the high iron content and immune system boosters.
  • Chlorella: This is another protein-rich algae type. It’s got lots of healthy fats, good bacteria, and hormonal control values.
  • Moringa: Get your digestive tract moving with the leaves of this plant! Seriously, you will poop when you take this stuff. High levels of fiber, amino acids, calcium, and vitamins make this African-based plant a powerful source of superfood for the body.

In addition to these foreign words, there is a lot of great, more common ingredients that you know all about. Your daily green juice includes plenty of:

  • Lemon
  • Turmeric
  • Wheatgrass
  • Match (green tea)
  • Coconut water
  • Beets

Is Organifi Safe?

Organifi is USDA Certified, so this product is safe to use under their guidelines. Additionally, it has no artificial ingredients, additives, or unnecessary fillers. In my opinion, totally safe! Many natural healthy foods aren’t regulated by the FDA.


On its own, Organifi can’t fix every aspect of your life and make you healthy. To lose weight and see a significant improvement, a healthy diet and fitness are required. This powder is more supplementive than it is anything else, but even on my “bad weeks” where my diet and activity took a back-burner, I saw some real results.

For me, the two biggest benefits and results I got from taking Organifi every day for 36 days was my skin cleared up a lot and I had tons of energy. In the beginning, I felt like it gave my gut a good detox and cleaned out all the junk in my body, and maintained that inner healthy feeling throughout the rest of the month.

Is it Worth It?

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to supplement a pretty healthy diet and lifestyle, primarily in the whole “eat your greens!” way, I do recommend Organifi Green Juice Powder! 

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Posted by / May 25, 2019