7 No-Fuss Ways to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Ways to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Are you trying to lose a ton of weight within a short period? Not succeeding in your attempts to make those excess pounds melt away?

There could be many why a person could plan to lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks. Maybe you are competing in a fitness show, want to slim down to your ideal shape for a wedding or flex those lean muscles on a beach during the summertime. It is completely possible to painlessly lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks. Just think about how Hollywood stars slim down before playing a particular role in a movie.

Just a few years ago, 53-year-old actor Alec Baldwin managed to lose over 40 pounds in 4 weeks. What makes this weight loss story so special is that he is a 53-year-old diabetic who had very little incentive to lose weight. He still did it the right way. 

According to a report by Shape, Alec had to give up sugar, practice high-intensity workouts like pilates and spinning and change his overall lifestyle. If a 53-year old diabetic man can lose 40 pounds in 4 weeks, you no more need to wonder “how to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. In this post, we plan to share some easy and painless ways to accomplish your goal.

Is it really possible to lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks? If yes, what will it take?

You will be surprised to learn that it is even possible to achieve this goal within a single day. There have been several incidents when people lost 15 pounds in a day without even planning to do so. Most commonly, this happens in marathon runners–on a race day. 

During the race, it is common for runners to lose all the excess water weight and fat around their midriff. Hence, many runners find themselves extremely dehydrated after the race–even after sipping water intermittently during the race.  

Look, I am not asking you to run a full marathon, but if someone can lose that much amount in a day, it must be quite possible to lose the same amount painlessly in 14 days. Having said that, sudden weight loss is unhealthy and you should take all precautions to prevent dehydration or occurrence of a serious health problem– on your weight loss journey. 

How to lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks? What are the best ways to attain this goal?

1) Maintain a calorie deficit of 700-800 for 2 weeks

If you plan to lose a ton of weight within the next two weeks so you can be ready for an event on the 15th or 16th day, cutting down your food intake is a must. Besides, unhealthy fast food and high-calorie soft drinks, you should also cut down food that you eat regularly. 

For someone who wants to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks, it is not safe to maintain a large calorie deficit. For instance, a calorie deficit of 1200-1500 is considered extremely dangerous as it can shut down your metabolism. Before diving into this short weight loss journey, it is also recommended to have a BMI(body mass index) test done.

2) Get rid of all sugary drinks from your house

Ways to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks

If you are someone who relies on sugary energy drinks to get through the day, getting rid of all sugary drinks from your house alone will help you lose 7 pounds in a week. Energy drinks taste great and more often will give you a jolt of energy upon consuming them, But the energy only lasts for a few minutes as the sugar in the drink gets converted into fat. You don’t have to go to a gym every day or indulge in another yo-yo diet routine, just stop drinking sodas, fruit juices and any other kind of sugary drink. 

3) Chew on sugar-free gum

Chewing gum to lose weight may seem a bit silly initially, but there are plenty of valid reasons for this technique to work. The sweetness in a sugar-free gum comes from alcoholic substances like xylitol, isomalt, maltitol, mannitol, and sorbitol. Most of these alcohols are extracted from organically grown fruits. Moreover, it also contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Aspartame is also found in Diet sodas. 

So, what we are leading up to is, chewing sugar-free gum will lead to frequent bowel movements which is considered to be a major reason behind weight loss in patients with chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain. According to a report by the British Medical Journal, chewing sugar-free gum can make you lose 20% of your body weight. This is mainly due to the laxative properties of sorbitol.

4) Brush your teeth twice a day

Most people don’t know there is a strong link between brushing your teeth and weight loss. Brushing your teeth twice a day will help you lose weight faster than you ever thought possible. If you don’t believe us, a Korean study proves the efficacy of this less known weight-loss method. 

This is how it works. After brushing your teeth, you have eliminated the leftover food particles stuck between your teeth. Now your brain receives a clear signal that your no longer need to eat. Hence, you feel less hungry for the rest of the time as your brains stop sending unnecessary hunger signals.

5) Add green tea to your diet

The weight-loss benefits of green tea are now backed by science too. A few years ago, green tea was seen as another internet scam. But not anymore. There are several studies been done to prove the efficacy of green tea as an effective weight-loss and weight maintenance tool.

According to a study done by Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, consuming green tea preparations on a regular basis can lead to a loss of 5-10% of body weight. The study doesn’t seem to think a 5-10% loss of body weight to clinically relevant, but for you to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks, this can the most foolproof weight-loss method. 

6) Join a laughing club for the next 2 weeks

You will be surprised to learn that there are around 5,000 Laughter Yoga clubs worldwide. The United States has 200 out of those 5000 clubs. If you are wondering what a laughter club is, it is nothing but a bunch of people getting together in a public park to laugh out loud. And yes, it is a recognized form of yoga, originally known as “Hasyayoga”.

The concept behind a laughter club is to get together to make each other laugh. They believe “voluntary laughter provides similar physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter“. When it comes to losing weight, even research concludes that voluntary laughter causes a 10–20% increase in energy expenditure. The more you expend your energy the more you will stay active and lose bodyweight. 

7) Drink the right amount of water

When it comes to staying healthy while also losing weight, usually, we forget to do things that seem obvious. People try to seek out a secret recipe and sophisticated exercise equipment when the easy solution lies in front of them all along. Drinking the right amount for water(for your body weight) can help you lose weight by cleansing your inner body and also getting rid of the toxins.

If you haven’t heard already, there is something called “The Mono Diet“. According to this diet plan, you can lose weight by eating a particular food for a few days. It could be anything from apples, potatoes to even water. The mono diet can seem a bit extreme to some people but it works wonders when the only thing you consume is water. 

However, as the title of this subsection suggests, it is key to drink the right amount of water. Drinking excess water can lead to serious health conditions like edema or electrolyte imbalance.

What could be other possible reasons to lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks? 

1) To feel stronger and increase overall fitness levels

If the reason behind losing 15 pounds in the next 2 weeks is to feel stronger and fitter, you are on the right track. Losing some weight will definitely motivate you to lose even more body fat while gaining some muscles in the future.  

2) To make your clothes fit better

This is also a genuine reason to lose weight rapidly. Some occupations require you to wear certain types of clothing. If you currently are fit enough to wear them, why not lose some weight.

3) To exercise restraint from food

Similar to the first point, it is also important to feel in total control over your inner urges. If you start licking your lips the moment you smell food. It could be a sign that you need to balance things out by putting a temporary retrain on it.


We hope the above-mentioned ways to lose weight within the next 2 weeks help you in your weight loss journey. The tips we shared are easy-to-implement for anyone. You don’t need to buy any expensive gear or equipment to be able to try them out. Let us know if you were able to attain your weight-loss goal in the next 2 weeks.

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