All of the products listed below are on our all time blacklist! Please consider them scams or at least complete nonsense. We have evaluated and often personally tested a large number of fitness, nutrition and health programs over the years, which lead us to create this blacklist to protect people from buying into the wrong type of programs. Here on our website, we aim to separate the good from the bad, and we shall never recommend anything that does not meet our high standards.

Mind you that even genuinely good programs often use misleading marketing methods in order to get people interested. It is a sad fact that people do indeed look for those magic fixes, so in order to get people’s attention, even the good guys generally need to exaggerate. We take this into account an don’t judge such marketing tactics, since we are ultimately interested in the actual quality of the program itself. Every item on this page is here because of its lack of quality alone.

Stay away from:

  • “Yeast Infection No More” – Linda Allen
  • “11 Day Diabetes Fix” – Eric Anderson
  • “Joint Pain Relief Codes” – Jonathan Bender
  • “The ED Miracle” – Tom Bradford
  • “Flat Belly Overnight” – Andrew
  • “Healing MS – The Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough” – Matt Traverso
  • “Pregnancy Miracle” – Lisa Olson
  • “Over 40 Ab Solution” – Shaun Hadsall
  • “Quantum Vision System” – Dr. William Kemp
  • “Survive in Bed” – Jack Bridges
  • “Diabetes Destroyer” – David Andrews
  • “Fat Diminisher” – Wesley (Wes) Virgin
  • “Pure Natural Healing” – Kevin Richardson and Master Lim
  • “10-Day Smoothie Cleanse”
  • “ED Reverser” – Max Miller
  • “Dr Channing’s Blood Pressure Protocol” – David Riley
  • “Fat Burning Bible” – Anthony Turner & David A. Forrest
  • “Sciatica SOS” – Glen Johnson
  • “Bow Legs No More” – Sarah Brown
  • “ED Conqueror” – Michael Steel
  • “Heartburn No More” – Jeff Martin
  • “Trim Down Club”
  • “Reverse Diabetes Today” – Matt Traverso
  • “Acne No More” – Mark Walden
  • “7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie” – Max Sidorov
  • “6 Minutes To Skinny” – Craig Ballantyne

We are going to keep this blacklist updated and add more programs over time. Make sure you distrust any website that is recommending these products. It makes us sad that so much misinformation is floating around out there to make money on people’s bad situations. We aim to make a difference here.

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