About Us


My name is Sophia Bell and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii! I work as a health & nutrition coach and have a passion for fitness (yoga, tai chi), healthy eating and diving around our beautiful reefs. I love what I do!

My best friend Ellie Marino (bottom photo) is from Honolulu as well. She works as a yoga trainer and blogs about healthy living and fitness.

We have built this website to review and talk about the best and worst programs and products for a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and life mastery that we have tested and evaluated over the years.

We do all of the fitness programs ourselves and test everything well (often on our friends 🙂 ), because this is our passion and profession at the same time!

elliemarinoWe take pride in our work and see too many shady reviews out there that seem false and acted. This inspired us to create this website and write our own reviews – from real people, for real people! Make sure you consult our blacklist of the products we do not recommend.

Our ambition for Review Alert is to make this a colorful place for our passions!

Cheers, and let’s master life together!

Sophia & Ellie <3

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