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Hey everybody, this is Sophia! We have added our blacklist of health and fitness programs you need to stay away from. Over the years, we have evaluated a lot of these types of products and we collected the worst ones on that list. So makes sure you go and consult it next time you run across a shiny fitness program. Since we only actually review the good ones, we shall only list the bad ones, as they are not worth the time doing a full review on! 🙂


Review Alert - HawaiiAloha, and welcome to Review Alert!

We are two health & nutrition coaches from Hawaii and publish reviews of programs and courses related to our passions: healthy living, fitness, and life mastery in general! For years, we have done self-experiments to find new ways of improving ourselves, or to help other people. We love what we do!

There is a lot of passion behind this project, because we have been separately blogging for a long time and finally decided to put our heads together to create this place. From now on, this website is ground zero for all of our efforts and ideas.

We are not big on video, but we are big on amusing writing and storytelling, as we explain our experiences on whatever we are reviewing at the time. Did I mention that we like to experiment on our families and friends? Oh yes, we make the go through fitness programs and diets test how good or bad the results might be! After all, Sophia and I are fit already.

Within the next few days, we should have our first extensive test up on the site. Until then, you can read the yoga burn review Sophia did recently, just before we decided to make a whole website about our various projects.

Ellie <3

Recent Review Overview

Lean Belly Breakthrough

Hey, this is Sophia! Ellie and I spent the last month on a self-experiment with our friend Kiki, an aged hula master, who has lost her good shape over the years and wanted to get back to it. We asked her to help us do a lean belly breakthrough review on the recent program by Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick.

We stuck to the program and did what it says with decent results. The best thing is that Kiki is 52 years old, because this particular fitness and program is designed specifically for aged people with higher risks and lower fitness or agility. Perfect! Let’s get into it and find out what results we’ve got.