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Hey everybody, this is Sophia! We have added our blacklist of health and fitness programs you need to stay away from. Over the years, we have evaluated a lot of these types of products and we collected the worst ones on that list. So makes sure you go and consult it next time you run across a shiny fitness program. Since we only actually review the good ones, we shall only list the bad ones, as they are not worth the time doing a full review on! 🙂

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Red Tea Detox

Our most recent study brings us into a realm I truly love- healthy beverages and the banishment of soda! I am a fan of fruit infused water, juicing, and other things like that. In our Red Tea Detox review, we test a new approach to detoxifying the body using African red tea with a combination of other good foods and fitness. As always, we have tested the program on ourselves, or rather on two of our friends that were happy to try something new. Mariah and Jill have been unhappy with their weight for many years and it was finally time to change that! So how did it work for them? Read and find out! 🙂

Lean Belly Breakthrough

Hey, this is Sophia! Ellie and I spent the last month on a self-experiment with our friend Kiki, an aged hula master, who has lost her good shape over the years and wanted to get back to it. We asked her to help us do a lean belly breakthrough review on the recent program by Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick.

We stuck to the program and did what it says with decent results. The best thing is that Kiki is 52 years old because this particular fitness and program are designed specifically for aged people with higher risks and lower fitness or agility. Perfect! Let’s get into it and find out what results we’ve got.

Yoga Burn

Hello everyone! We have done another extensive review and self-experiment on another fitness program that we have come to love. It is a yoga program on DVD (and digital) and to test it, we have helped our friend Monica to lose a good amount of weight over the course of three months. Find out all about it in our yoga burn review!

It was created by a lovely woman and fellow yoga trainer Zoe Bray-Cotton, whose passion for the sport has sparked the same kind of passion in our friend. If you find fitness boring, you should try yoga, because a lot of people tend to like it even if they never enjoyed exercise before.

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Yoga for Scoliosis

Yoga for Scoliosis: Is Yoga a Good Treatment Option for Scoliosis?

Were you born with a spinal disorder known as Scoliosis? Or the condition developed as a result of degenerative changes in the spine?

Along with causing intense back pain, Scoliosis also makes it challenging for a person to perform day to day activities like walking, running, sitting upright on a chair, doing chores, etc. This is really one of those conditions which if left untreated can land you into a lot of trouble in the future. 

Some people are born with it while others develop this condition(during puberty or in their adulthood)as a result of idiopathic causes, cerebral palsy, spinal cord trauma, muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, and spina bifida.

In children, Scoliosis gets diagnosed before or around age 11. However, adults are likely to develop this disorder at any age in their life. Even the elderly develop Scoliosis as a result of degenerative changes in their spinal cord. In some cases, it is also found to be progressive. So, the earlier you diagnose Scoliosis, the more choices you will have, treatment-wise.

Can a person with Scoliosis perform all the asanas? Is it safe to do yoga for someone with Scoliosis?

Since years, yoga has been one of the best non-surgical non-medical treatments for Scoliosis. A person with a mild curve in their spinal cord will have no problems performing several of the yoga asanas. A person with a spinal curve up to 30 degrees can easily is considered to be in the early stages of Scoliosis. So, this is the best time to begin practicing a tried and tested treatment method like yoga. 

Having said that, if the curve progresses beyond 30-40 degrees, it is advised to consult your physician before diving into a treatment program like Hatha yoga or Iyengar yoga. Better safe than sorry!

According to a report by HudsonValleyScoliosis, Scoliosis is common within children who perform acrobatic activities like ballet dancing, competitive swimming, and rhythmic gymnastics. Performing these strenuous activities put severe pressure on the midsection of the spinal cord. As a result, to sustain the burden it bends to form a curve. Scoliosis yoga also involves thoracic backbends. Hence, it is essential to be cautious while performing back bending poses.

What are the best yoga poses for Scoliosis?

1) Mountain pose (Tadasana) 

This is the most basic pose in yoga. As the name suggests, you are required to stand straight and appear like a mountain. From the picture below, it may look easy but there are a lot of details you need to focus on. 

To begin with, stand straight with both your toes feet apart, keep your shoulder wide apart, chest bulging forward, and look straight with your neck slightly upwards. You can keep your palms open or just let them hang naturally. 

Perform 3-4 sets of mountain pose or Tadasana spending 60-80 seconds on each set. You can also hold the pose longer if you are an intermediate or an experienced yoga practitioner. 

Moreover, you can also add variations to this foundational pose. Open up your chest and shoulder even further by turning your palms forward. Or use a wall for support. Standing in alignment with a wall will help you straighten your curved spine.

2) Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Tree pose is a bit more advanced than the mountain pose as it involves both standing and balancing. Along with strengthening your spine, a tree pose also works on other areas like hips, knees, and ankles. The main purpose of a tree pose is to increase your ability to balance on your feet and also to make you more focused.

To perform a tree pose, plant your right feet firmly in the ground and lift your left leg upwards towards the hips. Next, turn the left leg sideways and open up your hips. Try to breathe and balance your body on your right leg. Once you find your equilibrium, clasp your left heel into your inner right thigh.

Perform 3-4 sets of this pose with 20 seconds for each set and you will notice an improvement in your posture almost instantaneously. For people with Scoliosis, a tree pose helps you stretch your muscles encircling your spinal cord.

3) Child’s Pose (Balasana) 

A child’s pose or Balasana is one of the easiest poses to perform. It is performed in between two sets of poses for resting or transitory purposes. Meaning, the child’s pose helps you recover from a set quickly and also prepares your mind and body for what’s about to come next.

To perform a child’s pose, sit down with both your legs turned backward. Sit on top of your legs. And then slowly move your upper body towards the ground as shown in the picture. You can also extend your arms forwards like a bow.

In addition, to get a better stretch out of a child’s pose, try spreading your knees as far as possible. Feel the deep stretch in your hips and continue to breathe. Perform this set 3-4 times each session, and hold the stretch for as long as you can. Do not forget to breathe as breathing will allow you to rest and recover while performing the pose.

Is yoga a good treatment option for the elderly with Scoliosis?

Yoga can help an elderly with Scoliosis by making their muscles more flexible and also increasing the range of motion of their joints. It also raises the overall quality of life in the elderly; people over 50 years of age. 

There was an experiment conducted in Poland which involved 56 women ranging in age between 50–79 and attending 90 minutes hatha yoga sessions once a week. After 20 weeks of classes, the researchers performed several measurements. 

In conclusion, hatha yoga increased their spinal mobility and flexibility of the hamstring muscles. There is no evidence of hatha yoga realigning the curved spine in patients with Scoliosis. But there is enough data to say that yoga is a safe and effective treatment option for Scoliosis.


I hope the information we shared in the above post helped you decide whether yoga is a genuine treatment option for Scoliosis or not. When dealing with a condition like Scoliosis, it is imperative to work along with your physician, physiotherapists, and family members. Besides, if your condition had progressed too far, you can also talk with your doctor about getting your spine fixed surgically.

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Ways to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks

7 No-Fuss Ways to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Are you trying to lose a ton of weight within a short period? Not succeeding in your attempts to make those excess pounds melt away?

There could be many why a person could plan to lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks. Maybe you are competing in a fitness show, want to slim down to your ideal shape for a wedding or flex those lean muscles on a beach during the summertime. It is completely possible to painlessly lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks. Just think about how Hollywood stars slim down before playing a particular role in a movie.

Just a few years ago, 53-year-old actor Alec Baldwin managed to lose over 40 pounds in 4 weeks. What makes this weight loss story so special is that he is a 53-year-old diabetic who had very little incentive to lose weight. He still did it the right way. 

According to a report by Shape, Alec had to give up sugar, practice high-intensity workouts like pilates and spinning and change his overall lifestyle. If a 53-year old diabetic man can lose 40 pounds in 4 weeks, you no more need to wonder “how to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. In this post, we plan to share some easy and painless ways to accomplish your goal.

Is it really possible to lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks? If yes, what will it take?

You will be surprised to learn that it is even possible to achieve this goal within a single day. There have been several incidents when people lost 15 pounds in a day without even planning to do so. Most commonly, this happens in marathon runners–on a race day. 

During the race, it is common for runners to lose all the excess water weight and fat around their midriff. Hence, many runners find themselves extremely dehydrated after the race–even after sipping water intermittently during the race.  

Look, I am not asking you to run a full marathon, but if someone can lose that much amount in a day, it must be quite possible to lose the same amount painlessly in 14 days. Having said that, sudden weight loss is unhealthy and you should take all precautions to prevent dehydration or occurrence of a serious health problem– on your weight loss journey. 

How to lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks? What are the best ways to attain this goal?

1) Maintain a calorie deficit of 700-800 for 2 weeks

If you plan to lose a ton of weight within the next two weeks so you can be ready for an event on the 15th or 16th day, cutting down your food intake is a must. Besides, unhealthy fast food and high-calorie soft drinks, you should also cut down food that you eat regularly. 

For someone who wants to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks, it is not safe to maintain a large calorie deficit. For instance, a calorie deficit of 1200-1500 is considered extremely dangerous as it can shut down your metabolism. Before diving into this short weight loss journey, it is also recommended to have a BMI(body mass index) test done.

2) Get rid of all sugary drinks from your house

Ways to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks

If you are someone who relies on sugary energy drinks to get through the day, getting rid of all sugary drinks from your house alone will help you lose 7 pounds in a week. Energy drinks taste great and more often will give you a jolt of energy upon consuming them, But the energy only lasts for a few minutes as the sugar in the drink gets converted into fat. You don’t have to go to a gym every day or indulge in another yo-yo diet routine, just stop drinking sodas, fruit juices and any other kind of sugary drink. 

3) Chew on sugar-free gum

Chewing gum to lose weight may seem a bit silly initially, but there are plenty of valid reasons for this technique to work. The sweetness in a sugar-free gum comes from alcoholic substances like xylitol, isomalt, maltitol, mannitol, and sorbitol. Most of these alcohols are extracted from organically grown fruits. Moreover, it also contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Aspartame is also found in Diet sodas. 

So, what we are leading up to is, chewing sugar-free gum will lead to frequent bowel movements which is considered to be a major reason behind weight loss in patients with chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain. According to a report by the British Medical Journal, chewing sugar-free gum can make you lose 20% of your body weight. This is mainly due to the laxative properties of sorbitol.

4) Brush your teeth twice a day

Most people don’t know there is a strong link between brushing your teeth and weight loss. Brushing your teeth twice a day will help you lose weight faster than you ever thought possible. If you don’t believe us, a Korean study proves the efficacy of this less known weight-loss method. 

This is how it works. After brushing your teeth, you have eliminated the leftover food particles stuck between your teeth. Now your brain receives a clear signal that your no longer need to eat. Hence, you feel less hungry for the rest of the time as your brains stop sending unnecessary hunger signals.

5) Add green tea to your diet

The weight-loss benefits of green tea are now backed by science too. A few years ago, green tea was seen as another internet scam. But not anymore. There are several studies been done to prove the efficacy of green tea as an effective weight-loss and weight maintenance tool.

According to a study done by Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, consuming green tea preparations on a regular basis can lead to a loss of 5-10% of body weight. The study doesn’t seem to think a 5-10% loss of body weight to clinically relevant, but for you to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks, this can the most foolproof weight-loss method. 

6) Join a laughing club for the next 2 weeks

You will be surprised to learn that there are around 5,000 Laughter Yoga clubs worldwide. The United States has 200 out of those 5000 clubs. If you are wondering what a laughter club is, it is nothing but a bunch of people getting together in a public park to laugh out loud. And yes, it is a recognized form of yoga, originally known as “Hasyayoga”.

The concept behind a laughter club is to get together to make each other laugh. They believe “voluntary laughter provides similar physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter“. When it comes to losing weight, even research concludes that voluntary laughter causes a 10–20% increase in energy expenditure. The more you expend your energy the more you will stay active and lose bodyweight. 

7) Drink the right amount of water

When it comes to staying healthy while also losing weight, usually, we forget to do things that seem obvious. People try to seek out a secret recipe and sophisticated exercise equipment when the easy solution lies in front of them all along. Drinking the right amount for water(for your body weight) can help you lose weight by cleansing your inner body and also getting rid of the toxins.

If you haven’t heard already, there is something called “The Mono Diet“. According to this diet plan, you can lose weight by eating a particular food for a few days. It could be anything from apples, potatoes to even water. The mono diet can seem a bit extreme to some people but it works wonders when the only thing you consume is water. 

However, as the title of this subsection suggests, it is key to drink the right amount of water. Drinking excess water can lead to serious health conditions like edema or electrolyte imbalance.

What could be other possible reasons to lose 15 pounds within 2 weeks? 

1) To feel stronger and increase overall fitness levels

If the reason behind losing 15 pounds in the next 2 weeks is to feel stronger and fitter, you are on the right track. Losing some weight will definitely motivate you to lose even more body fat while gaining some muscles in the future.  

2) To make your clothes fit better

This is also a genuine reason to lose weight rapidly. Some occupations require you to wear certain types of clothing. If you currently are fit enough to wear them, why not lose some weight.

3) To exercise restraint from food

Similar to the first point, it is also important to feel in total control over your inner urges. If you start licking your lips the moment you smell food. It could be a sign that you need to balance things out by putting a temporary retrain on it.


We hope the above-mentioned ways to lose weight within the next 2 weeks help you in your weight loss journey. The tips we shared are easy-to-implement for anyone. You don’t need to buy any expensive gear or equipment to be able to try them out. Let us know if you were able to attain your weight-loss goal in the next 2 weeks.

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21 Day Flat Belly Fix

21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program Review [Complete Guide]

Are you struggling to lose those unsightly extra pounds? Tired of empty promises made by dieticians and the so-called fitness experts?

Finally! There is a revolutionary product that helps you lose weight without wasting a ton of money on diet pills, or emptying your wallet to hire a fitness trainer. The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program will turn your body into a “Fat Burning Furnace”. These are the exact words used by the creator of this product, a former SWAT member, Todd Lamb. He has created this product to help you to lose weight fast and while doing so, boost your energy levels. 

Let me tell you a bit about the capability of the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program. Todd has created this product keeping a woman’s hormonal system in mind. As you already know quite well, there are huge biological differences between men and women. Due to the release of testosterone in their bodies, men can lose weight far quicker and easier than women. 

This product focuses completely on the unique weight issues women have. Don’t be one of those women who use weight loss products designed for men. There are still plenty of women who unknowingly consume nutritional supplements like diet pills and protein powders created for men. Doing so will screw up your hormonal system and cause long-term irreversible effects on your body.

About Todd Lamb

21 Day Flat Belly Fix

Todd’s story is quite unique. He came across this weight loss recipe while he was working on a rescue mission with his SWAT team members. Earlier, he and his wife were having relationship troubles as his wife Tara was struggling with weight and was warned by doctors about the long term repercussions of it. Todd had spent many days thinking and researching various weight loss techniques; to help his wife Tara.

So, while on a rescue mission, he and his teammates found themselves in a cloud of pepper spray; sprayed earlier intending to deter the enemy. The spicy spray made them cough hard, sniff profusely, and made them feel embarrassed about the whole situation. Still, they got the job done and rescued the hostages without any casualties. 

Later that day, Todd was practically in pain as he continued to cough and sneeze. However, he did notice the difference in his body temperature since he got hit by the pepper spray. In his words “my body was on fire and I could feel the heat radiating life a burning furnace”. This is when he realized the usefulness of the oleoresin capiscum(present in the pepper spray) as a weight loss agent; as it could rapidly raise the body temperature.

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The Flat Belly Fix Review: What Makes This Program So Effective

This product is a lot more than just a nutritional handbook. It contains vital information about health, fitness, exercise routines, and fitness. Most of the information shared in this product was previously being kept as a secret by huge pharmaceutical firms. The less you know about health and fitness, the more you will be taken advantage of; ending up with no results to show.

Coming to the key principles that make this product so effective. This program is based entirely on two key principles: Good Diet and Regular Exercise. You will learn how your hormonal system affects weight loss and also natural techniques to make your body lose fat instead of accumulating it in body parts like belly, underarms, hips, and thighs. Another thing that makes this program effective is the fact that you don’t have to perform any more exercise than you are getting now.

Are there any studies that can validate the effectiveness of oleoresin capiscum found in a pepper?

A resounding yes! In fact, this is the first question that came to Todd’s mind as he experienced a massive burning sensation in his entire body after the pepper spray incident. Todd found a bunch of studies concluding how capsaicin increases thermogenesis(the production of heat, especially in a human or animal body). 

He found a study conducted by the researchers at Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine who fed a select number of rats high-fat diet capsaicin for eight weeks. Later, when they compared the results with the rats from the control group, they concluded that “capsaicin may be a useful phytochemical for attenuation of obesity”. In short, aid weight loss in humans too.

What is included in the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program?

The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program comprises of three parts: 

1) The 21-day system to lose weight

The 21-day system is a booklet available in a PDF format. This is the book that will help you understand how your body functions, how your hormones are affected by the food you eat, and also some fitness related topics. Before you begin your 21-day weight loss journey, you need to prepare your mind and body for the changes you are about to make in your overall life. This program demands you change your eating patterns and perform some light duty exercises on a regular basis. The booklet has all the information you will need.

2) The 7- minute flat belly protocol

The 7- minute flat belly protocol is a video series that consisting of easy-to-follow and easy-to-perform exercise routines for women. To lose weight in the next 21 days, you are supposed to perform a workout routine of 7 minutes each day of the week. Hence, there are a total of 7 videos in the program. 

If you have ever watched a 5-minute exercise routine video on YouTube, you will know what we are talking about. The exercises presented in this program are based on the training sessions Todd went through while he was a SWAT member. They are not taxing at all. Try to get it done in the morning itself.

3) The smoothie recipe guide

No woman can say no to delicious smoothies. It feels amazing to wake up in the morning, perform some light exercises and have a delicious health-drink like Coco-Avocado smoothie or Cocoberry Turmeric smoothie. These are some of the smoothies Todd made for his wife Tara when she was fighting each day to get to her ideal weight. This is the booklet where Todd has shared the ingredients for the 21-day flat belly fix tea that changed the life of his wife Tara. This is not the best-tasting tea in the world but it does the job for you.

What we like about the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program

21 Day Flat Belly Fix

One of the best things about this program and something that makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it is gender-specific. Todd was out there searching for a weight loss secret for his wife Tara; not to make it into a product. 

Moreover, the amount of research and scientific facts Todd has shared with us–we have also cited them above in this review– is another thing that gives you a sense of surety that you are not investing your hard-earned money in another scam product.

What we don’t like about the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program

The ingredients used in the 21-day flat belly fix tea recipe make it taste leafy. You won’t enjoy drinking this tea if you don’t like other leafy tasting beverages like green tea, black tea, and green coffee. To make it a bit more appetizing and palatable, you are required to add some fresh honey and skimmed milk to it.

Secondly, the burning effect that this tea generates in the body can be a bit uncomfortable for some people. It is not recommended to perform activities like driving or crossing the road barefoot, immediately after consumption. So, you are obliged to drink it in the early morning or late at night, basically, anytime you have some time to kill at home.

Our recommendation

We recommend the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program to any woman who wishes to lose weight without having to indulge in strength training–3 times a week– go on fad diets for months on end. Like Tara, there are plenty of women out there who find going to the gym almost impossible due to the physical state they currently are in. They desperately need someone or something to bail them out of this unmanageable situation they are in. If this sounds like you, the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix might be the right program for you.


The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program is worth $97 but due to a special discount, you can now order it at just $37. At a discounted price, you also get one full month of elite personal coaching. If you everything up, the value goes to $287. But luckily you don’t have to pay such a huge amount. Moreover, you have nothing to lose as Todd is giving a 60-Day guarantee to anyone who buys it now. Without you getting the results that you want, he doesn’t want a dime of your hard-earned money.

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How Often Should you do Yoga

How Often Should You Do Yoga to See Results [Best Guide-2019]


Wouldn’t you like to slow down and even reverse the effects of aging without having to workout 7 days of the week? You can improve your memory and alertness, slim down to your ideal weight and have a calm mind by mastering the art of yoga.

If you are wondering how often should you do yoga? You first need to understand the purpose of yoga. Particularly, from the context of your current lifestyle. Let me guess. You are in your 20s or 30s, have a 9-5 office job, a little overweight, and want to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health. You have made an excellent choice by taking an interest in this ancient Indian tradition.  

What is the main purpose of yoga?

The main purpose of yoga is to connect an individual with the divine source or the creator of this universe–whatever you want to call it. In the west, Yoga is popularly seen as a form of exercise similar to pilates, high-intensity interval training, or tai chi. But there is a lot more to yoga. Yoga is not all about various asanas or positions, neither it is about losing weight or getting toned, the goal or purpose to truly attain the state of equanimity–the highest state.  

Look, we understand what it means for the western world. Yoga can be integrated into your life as a lifestyle thing. Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, suppress the activities of the mind, or something else, you can practice yoga without getting deep into the origins of it. Having said that, knowing the origins will help you stay on the path and not get misled by the so-called online fitness gurus.

How often should you do yoga a week? 

Now let’s get to the crux of the matter. If you want to practice yoga purely as an exercise routine, then twice a week is enough for maintenance of your body and thrice a week works well for improving your current physical condition. Practicing daily is fine too, but it defeats the purpose. Your goal should be to reap the complete benefits of yoga without making it a chore. 

Bear in mind that there are a broad variety of yoga schools, practices, and goals. In this post, we are talking about Hatha Yoga, the most common form of yoga. This form of yoga consists largely of postures called asanas. 

Having said that, experience level is another factor that you should consider before deciding the intensity and frequency of your yoga sessions. For a beginner, it will be extremely cruel to get straight into Hatha yoga or high-intensity power yoga. A beginner will not only performing these exercises difficult but may also injure themselves in the process. And yes, you can get injured doing yoga.

So, for a beginner, we would recommend taking it easy and starting with some basic yoga stretches like bridge pose, cat pose, downward dog, cobra, baby cobra, corpse pose and child’s pose. These positions will help you condition your body before you finally step into more advanced asanas. Hold each position for 30 seconds and continue to breathe while your body is stretched. Breathing will relax your body so it can stretch even further–essential to get the best out of your workout.

How long does it take to see results? 

This is an interesting question as to the duration of yoga practice or how many classes one takes are not good predictors of the results one gleans off of it. The most important factor or the deciding factor when it comes to seeing results from yoga is the frequency of practice. How many times a week do you attend your yoga class? Do you skip classes on days you don’t feel great? So, discipline matters a lot.

Even in other areas of life, the same principle stands true. It’s not about how much you know about a particular skill, but how frequently you work on it. Incorporating the skills into your life requires you to make it a habit; it should become almost second nature. The same goes for yoga. 

An experiment performed by the University of Maryland School of Nursing concluded that the energy one is willing to spend determines the result one gets through the practice of yoga. They also believe practicing for years on end is not mandatory. Short term results can be realized.

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Does being a vegan speed up the results? Why are most yogis vegan?

Studies don’t prove the benefit of being a vegan when it comes to getting results fast. Although to relax your body and calm down the mind, ancient yogic scriptures do ask the practitioners to go 100% vegan. They called it a “Sattvic diet”. According to YogaPedia, the definition of sattvic “For something (such as food) to be considered sattvic, it should not increase disease and must be pure and natural“. So, there is your answer. 

To answer your next question, yogis inherently belong to the Hindu religion. And yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. They all follow the holy book “Bhagavad Gita”. This book defines what it means to be sattvic. It prohibits you from killing or hurting another living being. Hence, yogis are usually vegan as they don’t want to hurt another living being for their gains.

What are the best types of yoga for instant weight loss? Which one offers speedy results?

1) Ashtanga

Ashtanga yoga was developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and T. Krishnamacharya in the 20th century. It is sometimes called Rajyog– which means the royal path. There are the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga yoga that you can master with time. It is one of the best forms of yoga to lose weight fast. You should also note that only performing this form of yoga will do good for your body if you do not make changes to your diet. Along with yoga, diet plays a key role in weight loss.

2) Vinyasa

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means a smooth transition between positions in styles of modern yoga as exercises when movement is paired with the breath. Unlike traditional yoga or Hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga requires you to move quickly without any stoppages in between two asanas or positions. It is more fluid, hence, it makes you work thrice as hard. So, if you don’t mind getting all sweaty, vinyasa yoga may be the one missing piece that will help you shed those unsightly extra pounds.

3) Bikram (Hot yoga)

How Often Should you do Yoga

Bikram yoga or yoga is one of the most controversial forms of yoga. The controversy is mainly due to troubles in the personal life of the creator Bikram Choudhury. However, there is no doubt in our mind when it comes to the efficacy and effectiveness of hot yoga. It is one of the tried and tested methods to lose weight in a simple and relatively painless way.

Hot yoga is not like a typical aerobic workout, it focuses on increasing your flexibility and core strength. That too, without working as hard. Hot yoga requires you to lock your joints and stretch your body from head to toe. Within 14 days(7-8 sessions) you will begin to shed water weight. Further, it will have a positive impact on almost every area of your life.

Let’s talk about how working out in an artificially heated room speeds up the process of weight loss. Bikram yoga can be performed in both heated and non-heated room. When it is practiced in a heated room, the heat makes it easy for your muscles to stretch, hence you perform better. In addition, the heat also makes you sweat a lot. Sweating signals your body working thrice as hard to perform a simple stretch. Hot yoga gives you a better cardio workout too.

Consequently, there are downsides to the heat too. People tend to get tired quickly, hence, their workout span shortens. In addition, heat also makes you lose more water, so, you are required to rehydrate more than usual. If you don’t manage the dehydration, then there is always a fear of muscle injury. In conclusion, Bikram yoga has both pros and cons, although it might suit certain people more than others.

How long should a yoga session be?

It all depends on whether you wish to join a class or practice yoga from the comfort of your home. A standard beginner level Hatha yoga class lasts up to 45-60 minutes. The schedule is set by the instructor, so you won’t have to worry about it. However, if you want to take a DIY approach to yoga, you can begin by following YouTube video tutorials. Free video tutorials are usually 15-20 minutes long. The more asanas you learn, the longer your home yoga sessions will grow.


I hope this guide on “How often should you do yoga” help you understand how the frequency of your yoga sessions affects the overall results. To reiterate, it is key to understand the true purpose of yoga. To you, it may be just a tool to lose weight or get toned but there is a lot more to it. Besides, try to follow a schedule if you want to practice yoga at home. This is all you need to know to get the best results with yoga. Try some of the basic stretches and let me know how your first yoga sessions went?

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Weight Loss Transformation with The Keto Diet

Everything You Need To Know in 2019

From fad diets to workout programs, we’ve all tried at least a few different ways to lose that weight quick. If you’re like me, most things work less effectively than we wished they would… and so here we are, onto the next big attempt. Now that we’re entering the warm summer months, our swimsuits are reminding us of our weight loss goals.


What better way to dive right in than to try the trendy but widely successful Keto diet? Even The Kardashians and other celebrities have found success with the diet, which uses science and biology to “hack” our metabolism.

What Is Keto Exactly?

The Keto diet isn’t exactly what you normally would think of when doing a diet. It’s not about restriction or even calorie counting, those though methods are often paired along with the concept of the keto diet for the best results.

Simply put, the keto diet is where you limit your carb intake and up the number of healthy fats you eat in order to send your body into a state of ketosis, which burns off fat as fuel. Without lots of carbs to break down, the body creates ketones to feed your brain and body, and ketones are made out of your fat cells. You will be constantly burning fat, losing weight, and staying healthy while doing so.


Yeah, it’s pretty simple! The way I like to think about it is you’re tricking your body into doing all the hard work for you. This metabolic state is the quickest, most effective way to burn off those extra pounds and you don’t even have to exercise as much as you would on a different diet.


The best part? You can eat as much as you want, as long as you avoid all carbs!

How Does The Keto Diet Work?

Most diets fail because you feel hungry or sluggish, or because you’re required to work out a ton. Yoga is a good way to ease into working out as it has many physical and psychological benefits. For me, I hate being hungry. I love snacking, I just can’t help it. Keto does restrict some things, but it doesn’t do a lot of it. By keeping your carb intake between 20-50 grams a day, you’ll stay in a state of ketosis, and your metabolism will keep running on high-speed helping you lose weight.


I may have lost you at this point! Carbs are life, trust me, I know. We love our potatoes and our bread, and pasta was admittedly a hard thing to give up on the keto diet. In all honesty, once you get into the groove, it’s not difficult and I found myself less hungry, so I didn’t miss those high-carb foods I once craved.


Keto diet works because it doesn’t starve you, and it doesn’t cut out hundreds of food favorites. You know you can even eat bacon on the keto diet! Find me one other diet that allows that and I’ll sign up.

Weight Loss Transformation with The Keto Diet1 (1)

On a high-fat diet like keto, you are giving your body everything it needs to stay strong and healthy while keeping those pesky fat stores wide open for burning off. 75% of the energy your body will use should be fats, and this sort of dietary flexibility is what makes keto such a successful diet for anyone.


The Benefits Of Keto

Obviously, weight loss is the most celebrated benefit of the keto diet, but it’s not the only one. In addition to quick weight loss, many on keto mentioned that their energy levels are improved, they focus better, and see a lot more productivity in their lives.


I believe this has something to do with our blood sugar. Carbs break down easily into our blood sugar, and it’s harder to think and be alert when you have high insulin levels. Too many carbs make you groggy and lethargic, and since carbs ultimately don’t exist in a keto diet, you’re removing the problem entirely.


Plus, keto diets force you to be mindful of what you’re eating. You’re cutting out a lot of processed and sugary foods, so your genuine health will improve also. This can include heart problems, digestive issues, and other miracles pains that seem to be cured when on keto.

Are The Results Of Keto Worth it?

If you think you can part with spaghetti and french fries, then yes, absolutely. Keto is worth the trouble because the results are guaranteed if you follow the diet correctly. It’s literally just science and proven methods about how the body works and how we use fuel and burn fat. The only way to not lose weight and reap the benefits of keto is to cheat a lot with the carb intake and boot your body out of ketosis.

Can Keto Be Dangerous?

Not everyone can make use of the keto diet, unfortunately. Some pre-existing health conditions make keto dangerous, such as diabetes. Insulin medication and the concept of keto don’t mix, so you won’t get the small, or even good, results if you try to do the keto diet as a diabetic.

Another potentially harmful group of people is those who breastfeed. Your body needs lots of extra fuel, and sometimes you can’t eat as much of the fat you need to stay healthy enough to produce the milk for your child. If you’re breastfeeding, carbs are very important for you and the baby, so wait until they’re off of the boob and onto some solids before starting keto.

Getting Started With The Keto Diet

As long as you’re not a diabetic or breastfeeding mother, keto is a great diet to start when you want to transform your eating habits and get into shape! Following a low-carb, high-fat diet is fairly easy, and with all the resources available online including meal plans and recipes, you’ll have no trouble diving right in.


The important thing to remember is that you need to stay under 50 grams daily when it comes to eating carbs because you can get your body out of ketosis quick. Then, all your hard work was for nothing! Good luck and happy dieting.

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Foods In The Keto Diet

Being on the keto diet means you cut out carbs and up the intake of healthy fats, but what exactly does this mean? The success of a keto diet depends solely on your ability to keep your metabolic state in ketosis, where you burn off fat as fuel with ketones instead of blowing through carbs. Knowing exactly what to eat and what not to eat is important as you enjoy the multiple benefits of the keto diet.

The Keto Diet Dos & Don’ts

In order for keto to work properly, you need to be very careful about how much carbs you consume. You should only eat foods that have a 5% carb allowance. Now, not everyone has time to count carbs and calories, I sure don’t!


Instead, I like to stick to specific lists of approved food groups and items and avoid everything on a list of carb-heavy items.


As long as you follow these lists carefully, you don’t need to count carbs. Your body will state in ketosis and you’ll continue to lose weight, no matter how much of the approved food groups you eat!


Keto Diet Approved Foods

Making sure you give your body and brain enough fuel to continue functioning as normal, or even better than ever is important. Keto is not a starvation diet!


Eating healthy foods is key here, and you need to avoid anything starchy. Some of the great foods to eat large quantities of and make the most of your diet revolve around include:

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Organic, grass-fed, meat
  • Almonds and other fatty nuts
  • Saturated and monounsaturated fats like butter, avocado, and olive oil
  • Eggs
  • Salmon, trout, and tuna
  • High-fat dairy products like cheese, yogurt, mayonnaise, and cream cheese or other spreadables
  • Bone broth
  • Coconut, soy, and almond milk

Foods In The Keto Diet

As you can see, the list of approved foods is really extensive, so you have a lot to choose from even without eating lots of carbohydrates.

Keto Diet Foods to Avoid or Limit

One thing you may have been alarmed about the lack of on your approved foods list is fruit. Out of everything I had to cut out, that was the hardest for me to limit! Fortunately, you don’t have to say goodbye entirely to fruits, or even some of the other foods that weren’t mentioned above.


In moderation, you can still enjoy some food items that have more carbs than what keto is comfortable with allowing. If you choose to eat anything from this list, you probably won’t ruin your diet as long as you keep it in small amounts.


Restricting the following food items into occasional treats or once-a-day habits will help you stay in ketosis without requiring you to do tons of math about carb intake:

  • Red wine, but a small glass with dinner won’t ruin your diet each day
  • Fruits that tend to be lower in carbs like cantaloupe, berries, and watermelon. The latter is the best since it’s mostly just water!
  • 70% or more dark chocolate is fine for occasions
  • Heavy whipped cream
  • Diet soda
  • Tomato sauce
  • Microwave meals, even if they say “keto safe”, check the carbs


For days when you need a little bit of a sweet pick-me-up for dessert, grabbing some berries and whipped cream or dark chocolate can work well in a pinch.


It’s also important to remember that a lot of pre-packaged food such as the Atkins popular brand can have hidden carbs.

Definite Keto Don’ts

Hopefully, by now you’re beginning to see a trend of what you can and can’t eat. Carbs are bad, fats are goods, and you should stick with “real” food only. Nothing that has to be processed and packaged is better for you.

Foods In The Keto Diet

If you need to know specifically what to avoid, take a look at this list of hard keto diet no’s. Consumption of any of these items will kick your body right out of ketosis and ruin that great metabolism you’ve got going on!

  • Grains; any kind of pasta, bread, rice, beer, and other kinds of grain-heavy product. Yes, even quinoa!
  • Sugar; obviously this is the big enemy in any diet, but even more so in keto. Even on a cheat day, you can’t gorge yourself on sugar, because it takes about 3 days to return to a ketosis metabolic state.
  • Low-fat foods; since you’re getting your fuel to live from fats, you need to make sure you’re eating enough. Low-fat milk and other products aren’t helping you out any, and they usually up the carb count to make up for the lack of fats.
  • Starches; carbs and starch are essentially the same things. This means root vegetables like potatoes, as well as flour, oats, and corn.
  • Trans fats; not all fats are healthy fats! Getting this difference memorized is key. Margarine, fried foods, pastries, and junk food snacks are all high in processed trans fats.
  • Spices with sugar; hidden carbs in your cooking supplies usually aren’t a big reason for concern, but you should still avoid sugary spices like onion powder, cinnamon, and ginger. Even chili peppers can have up to 4 carbs per tiny piece!

Keeping Up With Keto

Is your head spinning yet? My biggest concern when I switched to the keto diet was how I’d have time to prepare all of this real, healthy food. I thought that I would be spending hours doing meal prep in the kitchen and slaving away… but it’s way easier than you’d think!


Many websites, cookbooks, and YouTube channels explore quick, affordable, keto-safe dinner plans and some food prep service kits have keto diet options for fresh ingredients and recipes to be delivered to your door.


You should encourage yourself to be brave and branch out to try some of the popular keto alternatives out there. Use zucchini noodles for some healthy keto-safe spaghetti or lettuce leaves for a wrap instead of a tortilla.


Getting creative with your food options will help you maintain the diet without being tempted to “cheat” with the no-no foods.

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Aaptiv Review

Possible Stats For Visual Box (To be added):

Cost: $99/yearly

Free Trial: 7 days

Workouts: 21 different options

Designed for: Weight loss goals, running programs, music-based fitness

Difficulty rating: Beginner – advanced

Product rating: 10/10

Reviewing Aaptiv:

The “New You” Fitness App

Curious about fitness apps, but don’t know where to begin? Aaptiv is one I just tried, and let me tell you, it has changed my world! I love all the ways Aaptiv got me motivated and focused and I’ve seen some serious results.

Will it work for you? If you want a “new you” in time for summer, read all about Aaptiv, how it works, and why I recommend it! Connective fitness apps have become necessary for the modern human to lose weight and stay in shape and Aaptiv paves the way.



Aaptiv gives its clients access to more than 2,500 classes, and says it has up to 15 dynamic wellness geniuses including 30 new sessions to the stage week after week.


Look through the application’s landing pages and you’ll discover a scope of 14 different workout techniques, from guided running and curved exercises to body weight strength training to yoga. Hopeful racers can prepare for explicit occasions with custom-made projects, from 5Ks up to full long distance races.

You can sweat with a band together with one of the difficulties, or focus on a more extended, multi-day program once you feel worn out on picking choices individually.


It’s all done over audio assistance and focuses a lot on the help of music and positive reinforcement to reach your goals.


A lot of fitness and wellness seem repetitive, but Aaptiv is unique and seemed to bring something to the table I hadn’t really noticed before. So many things about Aaptiv are really great, but these stood out the most to me:

  • Great playlists for working out
  • Motivational audio lessons with real trainers
  • Tons of options for exercise
  • Over 2,000 workout sessions
  • Provided recipes and shopping lists
  • New classes weekly


I don’t have much negative to say about Aaptiv, honestly. It has a few flaws or missing features I would appreciate, though, and I’ll clue you in on those real fast:

  • You can’t track your calories or meal plans very easily (at all, really)
  • It’s a little pricey
  • You can’t upload your own music, only use what the app provides
  • There is no one-on-one training, it’s all downloaded pre-recorded sessions

The Goal

Obviously, if you’re using a fitness app, or even just considering one, your main goal is to lose weight and get healthier. Yoga is a great place to start becuase of its wonderful physical and psychological benefits. At least it was for me! Aaptiv has their main goal set to help you get active more often, and they use music and trainer sessions to help you stay motivated.


The biggest goal of Aaptiv is to get you to work out more frequently, but also to make it an enjoyable habit. That’s why they constantly update with new classes, new playlists, and keep things fresh and exciting.


Aaptiv uses exercise to burn calories and encourages you to make it a part of your daily routine anywhere and anytime, without TV or the Gym.



There is so much to do on Aaptiv! I was almost overwhelmed at first. Outside of selecting and participating in your workout sessions, which is about 90% of the app’s usefulness, you can get access to some other really fun and helpful parts of healthy living.


I didn’t use everything Aaptiv had to offer since my main goal was just getting through the workout and losing weight, but within the features includes:

  • Over 2,500 audio guided workout routines for calorie burning
  • Plenty of food recommendations for healthy eating
  • 16 different exercise settings, including 5k and 10k marathon training
  • Hundreds of songs and playlists to download and use during workouts
  • Beginner – advanced fitness levels
  • A connective social media community for even more inspiration and encouragement
  • Several different trainers with personality “explanations”, ranging from gentle to aggressive


The focus on Aaptiv is very much geared toward auditory learners, and it’s important for me to note that you aren’t given any videos or pictures to accompany your lessons. It’s all through audio learning, and there were times I wished I had a little extra visual help when doing some of the strength training routines.


Like all good things, Aaptiv doesn’t come without a price. While it’s true there are some free fitness apps there, really good ones, Aaptiv has a lot of premium quality content that makes sense you need to pay for.


I like to use the free apps alongside this one to round it out into a more fully-featured course, but you can do what you like!

Pricing is pretty simple, but keep in mind they don’t offer refunds if you change your mind. Be sure about your purchase!

  • Monthly subscription fee ss $14.99, and auto-renews.
  • The yearly subscription fee is $99.99 and auto-renews.


By getting the yearly subscription and paying $100 up front, you save about $80! I tried it for a month first, and when I decided I liked it, I went ahead and signed on for a year.


A free trial can also be used and it lasts for 7 days.


So, I ended up not totally hating working out. Sure, I’ll probably never love it either, but the coaching aspect and the thousands of workouts to listen to really helped.


Specific results with Aaptiv are hard to pinpoint because at the end of the day, it comes down to your own ability to reach success. For me, it got me motivated enough to start and finish daily workouts, and some of them were only 10 minutes long so I did them while I cooked (healthy!) dinner.


Anytime you work out, you’ll lose weight, so Aaptiv does work if you follow their routines frequently!

Is It Worth It?

Still not sold on the fitness app scene? Learn more about their purpose the fitness app review and maybe play around with some free apps, or just start the trial. If you like extra motivation and don’t want an app with tons of extra features that take away from the fitness part of things, Aaptiv is a great choice for you.

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fitness apps

Review Fitness Apps

 Fitness Apps Review:

The Pros, Cons, And Everything You Should Know

If you’re like me and the rest of the world, you have your phone almost always in hand. We’re definitely not alone in a mobile-obsessed society, and when it comes to losing weight, I can say without a doubt there’s an app for that!


Mobile fitness apps are everywhere, with tons of connective options and supportive additional accessories. The Fitbit comes with an app, Nike has one out there, and several fitness programs like the Mayo Clinic Diet have supportive applications, too!


The decision to lose weight, get healthy, and fix your bad diet habits is a big one, and a lot of people put off taking this journey because of time constraints or accessibility. I love connected fitness apps because of their convenience,

What Are Connected Fitness Apps?

There are tons of different programs out there, both online and at the gym, and the concept for mobile ones is the same. Independent diet and fitness programs work entirely off of your phone and are designed to be able to keep up with any lifestyle!


Using your phone to keep your healthy lifestyle organized is a great way to take off the stress of following programs, and apps usually come at a cheaper price, too. Fitness apps take a lot of supportive elements and combine them together in ways that work very well. For example, you can get Bluetooth access to your favorite workout music, plenty of easy access to worksheets and tracking logs, and everything is so easily located in the palm of your hand.


Over 165,000 fitness and health-related apps exist across Android and iPhones. Some of these are just simple trackers, calorie counters, or mile logs. Others like Aaptiv and Noom are fully-featured enough to support an entire diet and workout revolution.


Another great thing to consider about fitness apps is that several of them offer free versions, so you can use a variety of helpful apps during any specific diet or fitness subscription. I have a folder on my phone that holds all of my fitness apps, and they’re things I use daily.

How Do Fitness Apps Work?

Tons of fitness apps are fully equipped with everything you need to track your activity. Our phones can function perfectly for fitness tracking if you give it the right tools. FitBits and other SmartWatches come in handy, but a lot of apps on your phone can do the same thing, too. Whether it’s running, weight training or yoga, it tracks data with apps and Bluetooth supportive features and keeps your activity levels updated while counting calories, tracking steps and miles, and monitoring your heart rate.

This kind of data is essential to any sort of fitness plan you’re working on, mobile or not. For runners, you can find apps that help you track distance, speed, heart rate, and even design and route your own path. For weight loss, you can download apps that give you great bodyweight training, count your calories, and get you closer to your goals.

4 Reasons Fitness Apps Are Important

Apps like these are really important when it comes to the success of your health goals. The insight, assistance, and connective features they bring to the table are hard to replicate anywhere else, and with the sheer variety of all of the hundreds of apps out there, you can pretty much achieve anything.


These 4 reasons are why I personally have added fitness apps to my daily routine and how they really changed the way I look at healthy living and fitness.


  1. You need the social media aspects that mobile apps provide for peer support and encouragement. I always connect my Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter to my accounts with fitness apps and it usually helps me find others with similar goals and challenges.
  2. Step counting will change your life, literally. It takes about 10,000 steps to shed a pound, and it’s recommended by health experts you should be aiming for at least half that much daily to stay active. You may be entirely wrong about how many steps you’re actually taking each day, and almost every fitness app will include a feature that counts all those steps.
  3. Tracking your food and calories as well as portion sizes is also one thing that apps make crazy simple. For many of them, you simply need to scan the barcode of whatever you’re eating and it will manually add in all the nutritional value. For others, you can select pre-made diet templates and trackers to know what you can eat. I like using these apps to help me watch myself when I eat out, too, so I don’t over-do it.
  4. Your phone will make working out fun in surprising ways. One app makes a game out of running, by having you run from zombies and hit speed or miles goals to gather “supplies” by affecting your in-game survival with real-life exercise. It may sound a little silly, but there are tons of apps out there that will reward you with gift cards or game advancement for activity and healthy eating.


Apps VS Other Programs

Weight loss is a hard goal to accomplish, which is why various fitness programs and apps exist in the first place. Why did I switch over to mobile fitness apps? Well, for me, it was truly just easier! I love my fitness apps because:

  • It’s portable, always with me
  • Tends to be cheaper
  • Great social media connection options for peer support
  • Great for vacations
  • Very discreet
  • It comes with me on my workouts!
  • Way more options


Almost everything has an app these days, and mobile-based diet and fitness programs are really starting to grow in popularity. That’s why I checked them out, and it was beneficial enough to get me hooked!


Everyone will find different value in fitness apps and everyone will have an opinion over what features are the best and which platforms help them the most. Getting started with a free version of a top-rated app in your phone’s store and checking out what it offers is a great way to dip your toe in!

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Beachbody on Demand

In my next experiment, we look at Beach Body on Demand franchise. One that’s been around forever and made popular by P90X.  But first…..I have a question if you don’t mind answering.

Do you still buy workout DVDs?

If your answer is positive then it would be in your best interest to read the rest of this piece.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, I am not about to engage in tech-shaming or any of that stuff. That’s just rude and classless. It’s just that I have also been a fan of workout DVDs and know the troubles that come with it such as:

Beachbody on Demand

The fact that you have to buy a DVD for every specific workout program.

The video skipping that occurs when there is a scratch on the DVD.

The space that it clogs that could be used for a much more beneficial purpose.

The seemingly endless wait for a DVD to arrive.

Did I mention that annoying skipping thing? Ugh!

You could dismiss the above problems because, after all, you burn your DVD into your computer. But since you and I are being real with ourselves, we can admit that that option is just marginally better. Besides, let’s be frank, not every one of us is tech-savvy enough to know how to do it.

I can almost hear the questions buzzing in your mind.

So what then?

Should you just chuck all your workout DVDs into a trashcan and forget about your fitness goals?

Believe me, I don’t need you to take such drastic action. However, I have another option that you will definitely find appealing.

Without any further hesitation, allow me to welcome you to an age where you will no longer need to buy workout DVDs. That’s right! We are in the 21st century where we’ve got streaming service for TV shows, movies, music, seminars, so why not get one for fitness? Obviously, Beachbody also has the same as its Beachbody on Demand service shows the company is aiming to become the Netflix of the fitness world.

In this article, I will take an in-depth look at this service, its benefits, why it works, what features are making me give it the side-eye, and if you should cop one for yourself.

Don’t even think about subscribing for the service without reading this review. With that in mind, let’s see what we can find out about Beachbody on Demand.


Product Name: Beachbody on Demand

Founders: Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon

Price: $38.87

Free Trial: Yes

Suitable For: Those serious about fitness


Summary: Streaming service exclusive to members of Beachbody.com that offer you access to tons of workouts available under the Beachbody umbrella.


What is It?

Beachbody on Demand is the mecca of all things fitness. It offers you unlimited online access to the tons of grueling and effective workouts that Beachbody is famous for. Not only that, there are additional features on the service including meal plans, recipes, discounts, workout timetables, and easy-to-follow exercise plans. You also get access to chat with the fitness trainers that you fancy, I mean those you want to learn from. However, this live chat feature is not for everybody, it is only available to those on VIP membership.

But wait, I have not even told you the best part of this service. Unlike the dark ages where you could only get the workout programs on DVDs, the Beachbody on Demand allows you to safely stream all of your favorite exercises on your various mobile devices and get to stepping. And to make it worth your time, adds new fitness programs and workouts every month. So you never get bored with the selection on offer.


Beachbody on Demand

How does it work?

If you have a Netflix or Hulu subscription, I am sure you know how it works, right? It requires you to log in to your account which gives you access to a library containing tons of movies and TV shows. Well, Beachbody on Demand works exactly the same way but this time, replace the movies with the various workouts program exclusive to Beachbody.

Also, the workout timetables, meal and nutrition guides, recipes etc. are available in a PDF format for easy download.


What workouts will I have access to?

If you are a fitness nerd, then go right ahead and geek out because Beachbody is opening ALL of its archives and vaults to Beachbody on Demand subscribers. So that means you get access to full workout programs like Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, P90X, Tai Cheng, Brazil Butt Lift, TurboFire, RevAbs, Body Beast, Tony Horton Workouts, 10 Minute Trainer, 3 week Yoga Retreat, Shift Shop, Yoga Booty Ballet, Slim in 6, Shaun T Workouts, Tony One on One, I could go on for a while with this but you get the picture.



Private access to popular Beachbody fitness trainers

10% discount on purchases from the Beachbody online store.

An inexhaustible fitness library

Relatively inexpensive and pocket-friendly.


How much does it cost?

When you want to sign up you will be given three packages to choose from.

3 months: Subscribing for the 3 months package will cost you $38.87.

6 months: The half-year package can be had for $59.

1 year: If you want a year subscription, get ready to pay $99.

In addition to your package, you get to enjoy a discount of 10% on all future buys from the Beachbody store.

In the event that you are done with the program and want to try something else or you’re simply not feeling it, feel free to cut the cord at any time because there is no cancellation fee.


Is there a money back guarantee if I don’t like the program?

Of course, there is. There is a 30-day money back guarantee that you can absolutely take advantage of if the program is not to your liking. But note that your account will not be deactivated right away. If you are already subscribed for a quarter, it will wait until the 3 months are up before deleting your account.

Beachbody on Demand

What I absolutely Love

It has a free trial period

Am I only the one who loves the word “free” and tries to take advantage of it wherever it’s available? If you cannot relate, you can stop reading and move on to the next section. But for my fellow freeloaders, you don’t have to subscribe instantly. Just use up the free trial period and see if it’s worth your time.

However, note that the time length of the free trial depends on the type of subscription package you choose. If you subscribed to the three-month package, you get a 14-day trial. The rest of the packages get the full 30-day free trial. It sounds fair if you ask me.

It is cheap

Now, you may be looking at the subscription costs and thinking that in the longer run, this might be more expensive than simply buying the DVD. But let’s do the math, shall we?

A Beachbody workout DVD, containing only ONE program, can be usually purchased for about $150 or more. In sharp contrast, a Beachbody on Demand subscription, giving access to ALL of Beachbody’s workouts in one place, rounds up to about $100 per year. In other words, you are getting access to premium content at a measly $2.99 per week!

Still not convinced? How about the shipping costs for each DVD that are in the neighborhood of $2 to $10? Let’s assume you plan on buying four DVDs at different times in a year. Apart from the $150 for the DVD, you also have to pay extra shipping costs which can leave a dent in your pocket. But with this service service, you just pay and start streaming pronto. There are no shipping costs and no handling fees. Take that DVD!

Beachbody on Demand

It is not dependent on location

Sitting in the park and feeling like knocking out some exercise moves? Taking a lunch break and desiring to kick ass?  Walking through the mall and looking to break a sweat? No problem, just whip out your iPad, phone or tablet, log in to your account, and start working out wherever you are. Side note, working out in the mall may or may not get you escorted out by the police.

So with this service, there is no need to tether yourself to your TV screen. You can do your workouts anytime, any day, and anywhere with absolutely no excuses. In your face DVD!


It gives you access to an amazing fitness library

If you have been living the exercise life for a while, you will agree with me that doing the same sets of exercises day in day out can be mind-numbingly boring. Be sincere with yourself. How long do you think you will keep playing that particular workout DVD before you decide to just give up doing the same thing over and over? Not for long I can assure you. Which is why I am pretty excited about this service.

It contains a variety of programs you can do that will keep you excited and longing for more. So if you don’t feel like doing the Insanity workouts, then unroll your mat and do the Yoga Booty Ballet. How about if Shaun T cannot get you in the mood? Then the Hip Hop Abs workout should do the trick. In summary, the Beachbody on Demand has more than enough workout programs to ensure you never get bored.


It eliminates wait time

Yeah, I know that companies like Amazon are doing; offering shipping services that bring your goods to your doorstep within two days of purchase. But nothing beats the feeling of having access to a service the instant you are done subscribing to it. So kiss goodbye to having to constantly track your shipping as it makes its way to you.

It comes with a discount

I know I just glossed over this benefit this before, which is why I am explaining it again. When you subscribe, you automatically become a member of Club Membership, a service reserved for its premium members. This membership entitles you to a 10% discount on whatever you will buy in the Beachbody store such as supplements, workout formulas, gear, proteins, and many others. Rest assured, the hardest thing about this feature is controlling the urge to go on a shopping spree.

Beachbody on Demand

What I really don’t like

It is only available as long as you subscribe

You get access to the many workout plans on the service just as long as you are an active subscriber. But when you decide to cancel your subscription, that means no more workout programs for you.  So in essence, you don’t actually own the program like you would if you bought it on DVD. You are merely renting it.


Should you subscribe?

This subscription literally has something for every person interested in staying on top of their fitness. Irrespective of whether you are an avowed couch potato, an aspiring beginner, or even a fitness expert, you will find a workout program that can challenge you to do more. And it can all be yours at a decent price.

I  recommend that you try the free trial to see if the service is something you are comfortable with. Just ensure that you remember to cancel before you get debited for a service you don’t want.


In conclusion

Citizens living in the digital era are fanatical about services that give them flexibility at no extra cost. Beachbody on Demand seems to have stepped up to the plate to give us an effective workout program that encompasses those needs. With its numerous offers of nutrition and fitness, you should be well on your way to becoming your own fitness goals.

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Venus Factor

Our latest experiment takes us to the now famous Venus Factor fat melting program. This program has been around for some time but we’ve been busy testing out other programs that we loved and some we didn’t.  And I know what you are thinking. This is yet another weight loss program review from God-knows-where that is promising to do the miraculous.

But before you click the back button, hear me out.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to finally lose those 10 pounds that seem to have fallen in love with your body and are determined not to leave?

Imagine how happy you would be when you can finally fit into that pair of jeans that have been rotting in your closet for more than a year now.

Can you see yourself strutting through your neighborhood with your hair fluttering in the breeze while feeling so light and healthy?

All these and more can be easily achieved through the Venus Factor weight loss program, or at least that’s what the creator of the program wants us to believe.

If Venus Factor can make such a bold claim, it obviously means there must be some information to back that up. So, let’s go see what it’s all about then.

Venus Factor Summary

Product Name: Venus Factor

Founder: John Barban

Price: $37.00

Free Trial: No

Suitable For: Those interested in burning fat and shedding weight naturally.

What is Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor program is a step-by-step plan designed for women interested in quickly losing weight the right way. What’s so special about this approach? After all, there are a billion and one other weight loss programs claiming to do the same thing.

Well, according to John Barban, the creator of the program, the difference between Venus Factor and other weight loss programs is because his program solely focuses on controlling the level of Leptin in its users.


If you’re still reading at this point (which I hope you are), you obviously want to know what the hell Leptin is.

Now, after some strenuous digging, and by digging I mean laying on my couch and languidly strolling through Google, I have come up with a definition.

Ready for some science 101? Here it is.

Leptin is also known by eggheads as the hunger hormone. It is a protein produced by our fat cells that run through the bloodstream, before settling at the brain. It lets your brain know how much you have eaten, whether your food intake is enough, and if your calorie intake is sufficient. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, leptin was found to be a major factor in weight loss.

Got it? Let’s proceed.

Like I earlier stated, Venus Factor wants to control the leptin levels in the body. And by extension, also regulate the body’s metabolism.

How does Venus Factor aim to achieve this goal? By helping the women involved in its plan to adopt a healthy lifestyle so they can finally keep off the unwanted weight for good. It also wants to accomplish this with real food. The program claims that there are no supplements or pills involved in this program, as everything is natural and safe.

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How does it work?

The Venus Factor program includes both food and workout plans. For 12 weeks, you are required to adhere strictly to its diet plan, do all of the recommended exercises, count your calories and protein, and follow the customized food guidelines.

At the end of the 12 weeks program, it is expected that you drop 10 pounds at least.

Sounds easy right? Let’s get more details about this food and exercise plans.

Venus Factor

What happens when you sign up for the program?

When you register for the Venus Factor program, you are given a box, which can be virtual or traditional depending on your preference. The box contains the following items:

An eBook or manual

An app that you will use to track your daily food intake.

Access to an online nutritionist affiliated with the program.

The 12 weeks fat loss system.

Meal plan samples that tell you the kinds of food to consume so you can lose weight quickly.

Access to an online community comprising of blogs and forums.

A nutrition calculator that helps you in determining the number of calories your body requires to shed weight.

Exercise videos that show you the varied types of workouts you can do to hasten weight loss. It also includes an exercise videos library that gives you access to more than 100 videos showing you how to properly do the exercises in the guides. If you ask me, this can be a great help for people who are new to the world of exercise and fitness.



Specially designed for women.

Helps to burn fat.

Sheds weight easily.

Requires no supplements or pills.

Pros of the program

It caters exclusively to women

Venus Factor is specifically aimed at women. All the products, exercises, and food guidelines are drafted to suit the metabolism peculiar to women’s bodies.


It has a detailed exercise program

Unlike other similar programs where workout plans are barely given a glance, Venus Factor includes an incredibly comprehensive exercise program. What’s more, the exercises are easy to follow, so there’s no need to come up with your own exercise program.


Cons of the program

Lack of adequate information about the program

You will notice that this review does not mention the type of foods allowed in the program or the calorie requirements each user will need to meet. So it seems you will have to buy the program first before knowing what it is all about.

Venus Factor

The exercises require gym equipment

The majority of the exercises included in the guide require you to use dumbbells and barbells. This is okay for those who have a gym membership but what of people who don’t? If you find yourself in the latter group, you could either buy that equipment or only do the bodyweight workouts.


Some Upselling when you buy

Customers who have purchased this program have noted that you are upsold after you buy the initial program.  Although the upsells can be helpful to shedding weight and fat you would have to decide if it’s worth the money for you.  This adds to the overall cost of the program.


How much does it cost?

The Venus Factor program retails for $37 initially. 

But what if you don’t like the program and want your money back?

You are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee. Simply send an email to support@venusindex.com asking for a refund and get your money. However, this is only eligible within 60 days from the time of purchase and just as long as the product is not damaged.

More info

To conclude

I can really recommend this product although some information about kinds of food and daily calorie requirements has been left out. But if the details already given in this article makes you curious about it, do give it a try.

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