Cinderella Solution Reviews: Is It Worth It?

After a certain age, the female body goes through specific hormonal changes, making you gain weight. First let’s check out Cinderella Solution Review.

Yes, you read that right. This change starts right from when you hit puberty until your menopause arrives. So during these 30+ years, your body craves weight gain. 

Many women gain weight when they first start college, or after they give birth, or as they get older due to a decrease in metabolism. Due to the hormonal transition, it becomes harder for us to keep the weight off.

With the age of the internet, we have access to thousands of diets, workout programs, and exclusive weight loss recipes endorsed by bloggers, YouTubers, and even celebrities. But do these work?

Most diets and weight loss programs are too scientific and require too much effort. You need to plan every meal and every ingredient with precision. Most of these diets and programs are not customizable, either. So you need to find the right ingredients, prepare them the way they ask you to, and eat them at the exact time mentioned in the program.

Let’s be real, who has the time for that?

These diets help you lose weight, but you gain the weight back just as fast as you lose it the minute you stop. It’s challenging to adapt to these demanding diets just to keep those few pounds off. Who wants to keep counting calories for the rest of their life?

Many even take prescription pills to lose weight. They may give visible results but will only make your health worse over time. They could also make you develop eating disorders as most of these pills work by suppressing your appetite. 

So what now? Are you looking for an easy way out instead of going through rigorous diets and exercises? Then the Cinderella Solution might be just what you’re looking for. This program aims to help you develop healthier eating habits and focus on the fundamentals of food and how it fuels your body. 

cinderella solution review

In this review, we’ll see whether the Cinderella Solution lives up to its claims or not. So let’s check out Cindrella Solution Review.

Product Name: Cinderella Solution
Founder: Carly Donovan
Price: $37
Free Trial: No. But there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.
Suitable For: Women who want to develop healthy eating habits to lose weight

Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solutions is a weight loss program spanning over 28 days. It claims to help women lose weight within a short period. It is available as a series of PDF e-books that you can immediately download once you buy the plan. This program can be accessed using your smartphone, tablet, PC, or a kindle, making it incredibly convenient to use. 

It is a weight loss system designed around a simple flavor pairing method and was created, keeping all women in mind without any age restriction. Any woman in her late 20s up to her 60s can join this program and start their weight-loss journey.

The plan aims to regulate the natural hormones in the body, such as cortisol, insulin, and estrogen, to boost metabolism and maximize weight loss.

Who created the Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donovan, a nutrition specialist from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, is the creator of Cinderella Solution. Carly has been in the weight loss business for the last ten years and was formerly overweight herself. 

Being overweight, she has endured all the problems that come along with special diets such as weight rebound and limited results, etc. She discovered that women in countries like Japan, China, and Spain did not suffer as much from weight-related issues, unlike women in the rest of the world. 

So, through careful research, she created a flavor-pairing strategy. That is how Cinderella Solution was born.

How does the Cinderella Solution work?

Traditional weight loss programs don’t work because they are created, keeping monetary gain in mind. The customer is the second priority with such programs.

Carly Donovan designed the Cinderella Solution keeping women’s issues in mind. It mainly focuses on ICE dysfunction, which is centered around insulin hormone imbalance. When you have an imbalance of insulin hormone, your metabolic rate slows down. 

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The main principle focuses on restoring insulin, estrogen, and cortisol hormones to their optimal levels. The Cinderella Solution program is split into 2 phases: the ignite phase and the launch phase. Each stage takes 14 days to complete.

These stages involve different meal plans and other valuable information on the right foods to consume to get closer to your weight loss goals. 

Carly Donovan discovered that women in some parts of the world do not put on weight even if they eat high fat and carbohydrates. This is because of how they combine their foods rather than what they eat. 

The Cinderella Solution includes meal plans where the right combination of foods will create a biochemical reaction that can burn fat and help with weight loss.

The Process

The Cinderella Solution is 28 days long. It is divided into two phases, and both stages are 14-days long each.

Ignite Phase: This is the first stage of the program. It requires you to eat three meals a day. The ignite phase is where you learn how to detoxify your body and reignite the fat-burning hormones. 

Launch Phase: During the launch phase, the program requires you to eat four meals a day. In this phase, each meal consists of a specific combination of foods that enhance weight loss. Your new and improved metabolic environment will aid with your meals to deliver effective weight loss.

Cinderella Solution, unlike other programs, does not require you to count your calories. It teaches you to focus on meal pairings, eating frequency, etc. to develop healthy eating habits. It lets you eat multiple meals a day, unlike other diets. 

What does the program contain?

Now that we know how it works, let’s dive deep into this Cinderella Solution review. The program comes with different components. So it makes for an easy and enjoyable read instead of just a block of information. 

The Cinderella Solution also comes with different free bonuses that are highly beneficial to the customer. Here’s what it contains:

  • Main Book and Owners Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

Free Bonus:

  • Cinderella Accelerator: 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  • Cinderella Accelerator: The Movement Sequencing Activity Guide
  • 5 Minutes To Look Younger Best-Selling Workout DVD
  • 72 Female Fat-Loss Dessert Recipes
  • One Day Detox

Everything in this program is digital, and you get immediate access to them the minute you buy the program. You can access it on your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet, or your kindle too.  The main manual of this program has four parts. 

Part One: The Program Explained

The first chapter begins with an introduction of the program, followed by information on food pairings and flavor profiles. This is followed by information on the launch and ignite phases. 

Chapter 1: Weight Loss from The Inside Out

  • Where and How to Get Started

Chapter 2: Weight Loss Rituals

  • Food Coupling
  • Flavor Pairing
  • Nutrition Timing
  • Slim-Sequencing Exercise

Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch 2-Phase Approach

  • Phase 1: The Ignite Phase
  • Phase 2: The Launch Phase
  • Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases

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Part Two: Using Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint

In part two of the program, you’ll get 14-day calendars and daily meal prep plans. It has innovative recipes that can nourish the body and help with weight loss. It also contains information on macro nutrition and food pairings.

You have access to a wealth of information related to food groups and their best combinations. With this, making a meal plan that is tasty yet very effective becomes much easier. 

Chapter 4: Cinderella Tool 14 Day Calendars

  • Daily Meal Plans
  • Bonus Recipes

Chapter 5: Macros and Food Pairing Rituals

  • PRIME Proteins
  • ROYAL Fats
  • POWER Carbs
  • ANGEL Carbs

Chapter 6: Meal Timing and Frequency

  • Ignite: 3 Meals Daily
  • Launch: 4 Meals Daily
  • When to Eat

Part Three: DIY Meals and Flavor Pairing

This part of the Cinderella Solution goes more into depth about everything you’ve learned so far. This will help you create meals that are high in nutrition, yet low in calories. It also contains information about portions and portion blocks, which will help you make the right choices when it comes to your diet.

Chapter 7: 3-Step Instruction Guide

Chapter 8: Ignite and Launch Meal Pairing Legends

Chapter 9: Portion Options

Chapter 10: Food and Portion Blocks

Part Four: Top 10 flavor pairs and weight loss food combinations

The title is pretty self-explanatory. The final part of the program gives you information about food combinations and flavor pairings that can boost your weight loss journey. By this stage, you are equipped with all the information required to tackle your weight loss issues and start your journey.

Two bonuses that come with this program, they are:

  1. The 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  2. The Movement Sequencing Guide

Pricing and Refund Policy

The Cinderella Solution retails for $37. You can purchase it either on Amazon or on the official website of the Cinderella Solution. 

You will get a 30-page Cinderella Solution Guide, 76-page Cinderella Solution Main manual, and Owner’s Manual, along with a 56-page Cinderella Solution University that will give you more information for your weight loss journey. Since it is in an e-book format, there are no shipping costs.

All purchases are processed through a leading online retailer for digital products. This ensures your data protection while buying the product. You can use a debit card, credit card, or Paypal to process your payment. 

The creator of the Cinderella Solution is confident that you’ll see results after using this product. But if you’re not satisfied with the product, then you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can get your money back, no questions asked.

What I love about Cinderella Solution

Designed specifically for women

As a woman, I know how our weight fluctuates as time goes by. It’s not as easy to lose weight over the years for us, as it is for men. Women’s weight loss requires a different approach. The Cinderella Solution is designed to keep women’s issues and hormonal changes in mind. I like that it is just for women and our weight loss requirements. 

Extremely Detailed Information

It’s always important to be informed on a subject before you try it out for yourself. And with the Cinderella Solution, you get all the information you need. It contains information on your body’s hormonal function, food pairings, macro nutrition, and many other useful topics.

All the information provided is backed up scientifically! It might seem like too much at first, but as you keep going, you learn so many tips, facts, and valuable knowledge that you didn’t know before. All this information helps you build a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for yourself. 

Easy Workouts

The program focuses more on diet and food-combinations. Still, it also includes some easy home workouts for an extra boost towards weight loss. There isn’t enough time for many women to go to the gym or spend an hour working out at home. 

For those who are low on time, Cinderella Solution offers easy workouts that are not too demanding. They are comfortable, low-intensity workouts that require no equipment but are still very useful. 

Good Value for Money

For the vast knowledge that it offers and customized towards women, you would think Cinderella Solution would be on the higher-end pricing. But for $37, I think it’s a steal. When buying online, you can also find various offers that can reduce the price further. 

It’s an excellent investment, and you also get many free bonuses to go along with your purchase. Cinderella Solution provides an excellent value for money and a treasure trove of information.

Money-Back Policy

Carly Donovan is pretty confident that every woman will find good results with this product. Thus, if you don’t see satisfying results, you can get your $37 back with their 60-day money-back policy.

This refund policy also solidifies the authenticity of the product. Many scammers will never give you the option of returning it or issuing refunds.

What I don’t like

Calorie deficit

Yes, the program is different from your usual ‘special’ diets that you find. It focuses more on flavor pairings and the right combination of foods instead of calorie counting. But it still requires you to be in a calorie deficit. If you plan to lose a lot of weight quickly, check out our 7 No-Fuss Ways To Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks.

No matter what combination of food you pair together, you will only have to eat a certain amount and not more than that.

Requires commitment

The program does promise to help you lose weight, but it is futile if you don’t put in any effort from your side. You cannot stop after 28-days and expect to maintain that same weight throughout. 

The program requires a long-term commitment for you to see long-lasting results. You might gain back the weight you lost if you stop combining certain foods. You need to stick to the healthy eating habits and change any old unhealthy habits that you have.

It takes time to see results

If you’re looking to lose 5 pounds in two weeks, then the Cinderella Solution may not be the product you’re looking for. This program is not a quick fix. 

It is a 28-day program, so you can only expect to see visible results after a month or even two months. It requires commitment and effort. If you stick to the prescribed meal plan, you can definitely see results by the end of 28-days. 

In Conclusion

Cinderella Solution seems like an effective way to tackle weight loss without any side effects. The program has quite the potential and is suitable for women who are in their late 20s up to women in their 60s. You can check it out on amazon also.

It isn’t based on unhealthy misconceptions about diet and nutrition but on developing healthy eating habits. It simplifies the information so that you can start on your weight loss journey healthily. 

It is specially designed for women, keeping our body changes and other issues in mind. All information provided is scientifically-backed. The creator herself has been in the weight loss industry for over ten years and has been overweight herself in the past, making this program even more trustworthy. 

In my opinion, this program is an excellent solution for women looking to lose weight without much exercise. It also offers a refund within 60 days, so there’s nothing to lose! It seems like a promising product in the current market and worth buying.

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