Aaptiv Fitness App Review in 2020

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Cost: $99/yearly

Free Trial: 7 days

Workouts: 21 different options

Designed for: Weight loss goals, running programs, music-based fitness

Difficulty rating: Beginner – advanced

Product rating: 10/10

Reviewing Aaptiv:

The “New You” Fitness App

Curious about fitness apps, but don’t know where to begin? Aaptiv is one I just tried, and let me tell you, it has changed my world! I love all the ways Aaptiv got me motivated and focused and I’ve seen some serious results.

Will it work for you? If you want a “new you” in time for summer, read all about Aaptiv, how it works, and why I recommend it! Connective fitness apps have become necessary for the modern human to lose weight and stay in shape and Aaptiv paves the way.

Overview of Aaptiv App

Aaptiv gives its clients access to more than 2,500 classes, and says it has up to 15 dynamic wellness geniuses including 30 new sessions to the stage week after week.

Look through the application’s landing pages and you’ll discover a scope of 14 different workout techniques, from guided running and curved exercises to body weight strength training to yoga. Hopeful racers can prepare for explicit occasions with custom-made projects, from 5Ks up to full long distance races.

You can sweat with a band together with one of the difficulties, or focus on a more extended, multi-day program once you feel worn out on picking choices individually.

It’s all done over audio assistance and focuses a lot on the help of music and positive reinforcement to reach your goals.


A lot of fitness and wellness seem repetitive, but Aaptiv is unique and seemed to bring something to the table I hadn’t really noticed before. So many things about Aaptiv are really great, but these stood out the most to me:

  • Great playlists for working out
  • Motivational audio lessons with real trainers
  • Tons of options for exercise
  • Over 2,000 workout sessions
  • Provided recipes and shopping lists
  • New classes weekly


I don’t have much negative to say about Aaptiv, honestly. It has a few flaws or missing features I would appreciate, though, and I’ll clue you in on those real fast:

  • You can’t track your calories or meal plans very easily (at all, really)
  • It’s a little pricey
  • You can’t upload your own music, only use what the app provides
  • There is no one-on-one training, it’s all downloaded pre-recorded sessions

The Goal

Obviously, if you’re using a fitness app, or even just considering one, your main goal is to lose weight and get healthier. Yoga is a great place to start becuase of its wonderful physical and psychological benefits. At least it was for me! Aaptiv has their main goal set to help you get active more often, and they use music and trainer sessions to help you stay motivated.

The biggest goal of Aaptiv is to get you to work out more frequently, but also to make it an enjoyable habit. That’s why they constantly update with new classes, new playlists, and keep things fresh and exciting.

Aaptiv uses exercise to burn calories and encourages you to make it a part of your daily routine anywhere and anytime, without TV or the Gym.

Features of Aaptiv App

There is so much to do on Aaptiv! I was almost overwhelmed at first. Outside of selecting and participating in your workout sessions, which is about 90% of the app’s usefulness, you can get access to some other really fun and helpful parts of healthy living.

I didn’t use everything Aaptiv had to offer since my main goal was just getting through the workout and losing weight, but within the features includes:

  • Over 2,500 audio guided workout routines for calorie burning
  • Plenty of food recommendations for healthy eating
  • 16 different exercise settings, including 5k and 10k marathon training
  • Hundreds of songs and playlists to download and use during workouts
  • Beginner – advanced fitness levels
  • A connective social media community for even more inspiration and encouragement
  • Several different trainers with personality “explanations”, ranging from gentle to aggressive

The focus on Aaptiv is very much geared toward auditory learners, and it’s important for me to note that you aren’t given any videos or pictures to accompany your lessons. It’s all through audio learning, and there were times I wished I had a little extra visual help when doing some of the strength training routines.


Like all good things, Aaptiv doesn’t come without a price. While it’s true there are some free fitness apps there, really good ones, Aaptiv has a lot of premium quality content that makes sense you need to pay for.

I like to use the free apps alongside this one to round it out into a more fully-featured course, but you can do what you like!

Pricing is pretty simple, but keep in mind they don’t offer refunds if you change your mind. Be sure about your purchase!

  • Monthly subscription fee ss $14.99, and auto-renews.
  • The yearly subscription fee is $99.99 and auto-renews.

By getting the yearly subscription and paying $100 up front, you save about $80! I tried it for a month first, and when I decided I liked it, I went ahead and signed on for a year.

A free trial can also be used and it lasts for 7 days.


So, I ended up not totally hating working out. Sure, I’ll probably never love it either, but the coaching aspect and the thousands of workouts to listen to really helped.

Specific results with Aaptiv are hard to pinpoint because at the end of the day, it comes down to your own ability to reach success. For me, it got me motivated enough to start and finish daily workouts, and some of them were only 10 minutes long so I did them while I cooked (healthy!) dinner.

Anytime you work out, you’ll lose weight, so Aaptiv does work if you follow their routines frequently!

Is It Worth It?

Still not sold on the fitness app scene? Learn more about their purpose the fitness app review and maybe play around with some free apps, or just start the trial. If you like extra motivation and don’t want an app with tons of extra features that take away from the fitness part of things, Aaptiv is a great choice for you.

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