7 Best Cork Yoga Blocks 2020

I am glad you decided to get more out of your yoga sessions. Yoga can easily take up 3-4 hours of your week. Since you are investing your precious time indulging in this ancient workout routine, it would help significantly by using equipment that provides additional support and stability. This post will help you find the best cork yoga block.

Best Cork Yoga Blocks

1. Yogu Yoga Blocks

Best Overall

best cork yoga block

Yoga Blocks Set from Yogu is one of the best in the market. The availability of multiple colors makes this product suitable for men and women. Also, this product is made from real cork material. You won’t find traces of synthetic ingredients such as ABS plastic or foam. In case you didn’t know, cork is the outer layer of a branch or the stem of a tree. 

Corkwood is not made from the sturdy and thick part of a tree. This product weighs just 5.6 ounces. It can withstand heavy load, but it is not advised to stand on it. This product is known for its durability, lightweight, and size. It is 4 inches in length, which is considered to be the perfect size for a yoga black.

You can do push-ups, stretch your calves, or simply massage your lower back. These blocks also go well with other exercises like pilates and strength training. 

Yogu Yoga Blocks is Suitable For – 

This product is perfect for those looking to get more out of their yoga sessions. Also, plastic or foam-based blocks tend to absorb sweat. After a few days, they start giving out an odor. These blocks are made from organic substances. You don’t have to worry about bad odor or germs.


  • It is a sturdy and durable product.
  • Uniform throughout. No bumps.
  • Also well-suited for calisthenics (push-ups, calves raises, etc.)
  • It does not have an odor.


  • It is suited for home use only. Too heavy to carry it to the gym or studio.

2. YogaAddict Blocks 

Best Overall Runner-Up

Are you looking for plain and straightforward yoga blocks with a natural woody look and feel? The expensive cork block indeed comes with all the necessary features desired by a yoga practitioner. There are some budget-friendly ones too, but they lack quality and durability. This one of a kind product from YogaAddict is top-of-the-line quality and affordable.

The package includes two same sized cork blocks (4-inch x 6-inch x 9-inch) and a purple color yoga strap (8-inch long). Wondering what yoga straps are used for? The ones available with this product provide support, stability, and safety to your body. You can either use them to tie up a particular muscle group, so it remains stable or use them as a safety net in case you slip. 

YogaAddict Blocks is Suitable For – 

These are one of the best cork yoga blocks in the market. They are suitable for those who do not wish to risk an injury during their yoga practice sessions. This product comes with a pamphlet depicting all the ways these straps can be used. They are slip-resistant. They will assist you in your sessions so you can entirely focus on the task at hand.


  • Easy to grip. 
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Contoured edges offer additional protection and comfort.
  • These blocks can help you stay in the pose for longer.
  • Slip-resistant. 


  • A lot heavier than regular foam blocks.
  • The edges could be contoured even more for additional comfort.

3. Peace Yoga Cork Wood

Best Value

Providing a yoga practitioner total flexibility and freedom is the primary motivation for Peace Yoga to come up with this five-star quality product. This product is designed for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. 

Whether you are new to this ancient practice or not, some of the yoga poses can be quite challenging to perform. These blocks are made from pure cork wood. They will provide you the additional push that your body is so desperate for.

These blocks come in the standard size (4-inch x 6-inch x 9-inch). The package includes two same sized cork blocks although Peace Yoga does not provide a yoga strap or a support belt.

Furthermore, you have an option to choose from a variety of designs like shell, tree, mandala, geometry, sun, elephant, lotus, and turtle. The designs are there to add a personal touch to the blocks. 

Peace Yoga Cork Wood is Suitable For –

Peach Yoga Cork Wood Blocks are meant for those who are having trouble performing certain poses or stretches. These blocks will keep your body correctly aligned during the poses. Sometimes to execute a perfect pose, all you need is a little lift or support. You can lessen its usage as your body regains the strength that it once had.


  • A ton of designs available to choose from.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Suitable for both home and studio use.
  • Made from organic cork wood.
  • No fresh cork scent.


  • Heavier than foam blocks.
  • Harder than foam blocks. Can be an issue for someone with joint pains.

4. JBM Yoga Block Plus

Best Value Runner-Up

Cork yoga blocks from JBM International are made from high-density EVA foam. It is one of those accessories that you immediately need to add to your yoga kit. Along with the two same-sized blocks (4-inch x 6-inch x 9-inch), JBM also provides a rugged 8-inch yoga strap. The blocks are available in six vibrant colors. You also have the option to pick the colorless natural-looking blocks.

Most people go for foam or rubber support blocks as they are naturally soft and skin-friendly. However, they leave a bad odor after a few days of use. Such is not the case with JBM Yoga Block Plus, which is made from organic materials. On top of that, these blocks also have a soft grip. You don’t have to worry about incurring skin abrasions or rashes after a yoga session.

JBM Yoga Block Plus is Suitable For –

This product is perfect for those who do not like to use straps or a belt for support. Straps are great for beginners, but as you learn and grow as a yoga practitioner, you want to get rid of the crutches. The JBM Yoga Block Plus is lightweight and easy-to-grip. 

Also, the blocks are uniformly made. So when you place them on the ground, they don’t move or wobble. Having said that, JBM does provide a belt for those who need it in their initial days of yoga practice. 


  • It comes with an additional yoga strap.
  • It is well-suited for all kinds of yoga. 
  • Does not absorb sweat. Easy to clean.
  • No bad odor. 


  • The straps are of low quality. They should also be a bit thicker.

5. Manduka Premium High-Density Cork

Best Budget

When it comes to the best cork yoga blocks under $40, there are very few brands that are focusing on producing structurally solid and impact-resistant products. Manduka is one of the best brands in this space. These blocks are meant for those who are tired of using unstable and smelly foam blocks. 

Most people do not know about cork yoga blocks. As a result, they go on using cheap and inefficient foam or rubber blocks. If this sounds like you, you should give Manduka Premium High-Density Cork a try. 

Don’t make the same mistake that several other beginner yoga practitioners have made. Do not go for a cheap foam block. Since you are going to be practicing from home, you want to give yourself the best chance to stay fit and injury-free. These cork blocks from Manduka might seem a bit heavy, but– during a pose– the weight keeps your body in place.

Manduka Premium High-Density Cork is Suitable For –

When executing a challenging pose, most beginner yoga practitioners are asked by their trainers to use their hands for support. This can work great for a beginner, but as you get to the intermediate level, you will most certainly need to push your limit by sinking into a stretch even deeper

This is where Manduka Premium High-Density Cork Blocks come into the picture. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to get them. They will cost only a few dollars more than foam blocks.


  • Easy to grip.
  • The surface has a smooth yet slightly grainy texture.
  • Will provide more stability to your yoga poses.


  • A lot heavier than foam blocks. 
  • Only suitable for home use.

6. Arltb Yoga Blocks

Best Budget Runner-Up

These one-piece construction blocks from Arltrb are one of the best in the market. You will be surprised by the material used in the making of this product, and the overall design. The level of detail that Arltb has focused on is simply astounding. These blocks come with comfort grips and beveled edges. 

The cork material used in the making of this product is recycled and processed to make it more suitable for exercise purposes. Along with that, care has been taken that the ruggedness and the grip of natural wood are maintained. This block comes with a slip-resistant surface. Hence it can be used as a support while executing several challenging yoga postures.

Arltb Yoga Blocks is Suitable For –

The virtually indestructible cork block from Arltb can be used by yoga practitioners to support various parts of the body like the lower back, spinal cord, butt, arms, and calves. On top of that, yoga practitioners can also benefit from having a strap made from pure cotton at their disposal. The belt also has a double D-ring for added assurity.


  • Made from organic cork wood.
  • Extra strap included with the block.
  • Well-suited for all types of core exercises.


  • The quality of the strap could be improved. It is thin and slippery.

7. Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick

Best Super Cheap 

Gaiam is a Boulder, Colorado-based popular fitness accessory manufacturer in the fitness and wellness community. They are known for their innovative yet eco-friendly products. The Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick/Block is made from 100 percent pure natural cork. This rock-solid brick can last long without ever wearing out. It is one of the best cork yoga blocks under $20. Even foam blocks cost more than this product.

What is the difference between a brick and a block? A brick is slightly (an inch to be precise) thinner than a block. Gaiam lets you choose between the two. You can pick two bricks, two blocks or one brick, and one block. The choice is yours. The dimensions of brick are 3-inch x 5.5-inch x 9-inch, and that of a block are 4-inch x 6-inch x 9-inch.

Gaiam Cork Yoga Brick is Suitable For –

The primary reason most people prefer to have a cork brick or a block is the grip. Foam or rubber blocks are slippery (they get more slippery once you stay sweating). Such is not the case with cork support. The cork material is known to maintain it’s grip despite being wet. 

Along with yoga practitioners, even people who are into pilates, calisthenics, or other core workouts can benefit from this product. Lastly, this product will also save you money by not wearing out soon. Gaiam is a reputed brand having many other long-lasting products.


  • Improves your stability when performing yoga poses.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • The fresh cork scent stays for the initial few days after purchase.

Which is Better – Cork or Foam Yoga Block?

Both cork and foam blocks can help a yogi execute his/her poses safely and stably. When it comes to yoga blocks, why do some people prefer cork over foam?

There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, cork is made from the outer layer of a tree, which is 100 percent organic and decomposable. Hence, the environment-conscious yogis prefer cork over foam, which is made from synthetic material.

Secondly, yoga blocks made with cork provide the sturdiness required to perform Bikram, Hot, and Vinyasa flow yoga. Cork blocks do not wobble, shake or move while resting the body weight on it. This allows yogis who practice at home to perform their workouts safely and effectively. 

Foam blocks are known for their soft texture, which can be beneficial for someone nursing an injury. But in general, they are not recommended by yoga trainers and experts. Hence a cork block is a lot better than its counterpart.

What Are Cork Yoga Blocks?

Cork is the phellem layer of bark tissue from the Oaktree. These trees are usually found in the Southwest of Europe and some regions of Africa. The phellem coating protects the most critical part of a tree (stem) from wear and tear all around the year–during all weather conditions. This layer is impermeable, buoyant, elastic, and generally quite robust. 

The cork is processed into fine particles that are later glued together to make a yoga block (and many other essential utilities). Contrary to popular belief, cork harvestation does not harm the tree. The cork grows back within months and is ready to be harvested again. 

In fact, harvesting cork does more good than harm to the environment as it enhances the Oak tree’s capability to absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful substances from the air.


The standard size of a yoga block is 4-inch x 6-inch x 9-inch. Although there are smaller and larger blocks available in the market, for a first time user, it is best to go with the ones with a standard size. Also, blocks are usually sold in pairs. Some manufacturers let you purchase two different sized blocks. 

From the above list, I would suggest you go for cork yoga blocks from Peace Yoga. The printed custom designs will add a personal touch to the block. These blocks are perfect for home use.

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