Halki Diabetes Remedy Book Review: Is This Best for Diabetes?

Did you know that diabetes can be completely cured without exercise, dieting or drugs?

Blurred vision, feeling extremely thirsty, passing urine more than usual, failure to heal from cuts and wounds, and vaginal or penile thrush are some of the bloodcurdling symptoms of type 2 diabetes. According to a stat by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 million Americans have diabetes. About 95 percent of individuals out of the 30 million suffer from type 2 diabetes. 

In other words, 1 in 10 American suffer from type 2 diabetes. And, I am not talking about being pre-diabetic; rather suffering from this condition. If you are like most diabetic people, you most certainly must be advised by your doctor to consider this condition as permanent. And as a result, spend the rest of your life injecting insulin in your body while experiencing the deadly symptoms.

You will be surprised to learn that most doctors follow instructions provided by big pharma companies. And these giant organizations don’t want an ordinary citizen to know the real truth behind type 2 diabetes. The growth and prosperity of these companies solely rely on the fact that you are kept from knowing the real truth. This is what the creator of Halki Diabetes Remedy, Mr. Eric Whitefield has now uncovered and unpacked in front of the world.

About the Creator of Halki Diabetes Remedy: Eric Whitefield

The creator of Halki Diabetes Remedy, Eric Whitefield was an ironworker before he was forced to research this deadly disease. Before Eric came across the deadly toxin that is destroying the lives of millions of people across the world, he worked jobs like scaling skyscrapers and ship lifting. He was also one of the unfortunate people to work in a clean up crew at ground zero post 9/11.   

In his 40s, Eric was informed by his family doctors that his wife Cathy was 30 minutes away from a potentially fatal diabetes-induced coma. He knew about his wife’s condition but has no idea the situation could worsen up to such an extent. 

Further, he indulged himself in researching the cure for diabetes. He found out that there are 3 biggest lies in the diabetes industry. In this product, Eric shares every little mind-opening secret that helped him get his wife back to full fitness.

What Is the Real Cause of Type 2 Diabetes? [Big Pharma Industries Have Been Hiding This From You For Ages] 

Upon studying several research papers online, Eric came across a study that claimed a particulate matter known as PM 2.5 is responsible for the outbreak of type 2 diabetes in the United States. This study by the American Diabetes Association also confirmed that PM 2.5 is small in size and contains toxic metals. The small size of PM 2.5 allows it to easily penetrate through the skin and enter the bloodstream. This is what makes it so dangerous. 

Furthermore, this particulate matter causes cell inflammation which leads to insulin resistance. It also invites other dreadful diseases like heart attacks and asthma. With every 10 microgram increase in PM 2.5 in air, the chance of a person getting diabetes increases by 1 percent. They even study the prevalence of diabetes in counties within guidelines for EPA PM2.5 exposure limits. 

Shockingly, they found that there was a 20% increase in diabetes prevalence in these countries. Lastly, the prevalence of diabetes in countries with low PM2.5 exposure limits were minimal. This factor helped researched pinpoint the real cause of diabetes. For more information on PM 2.5, go through this report by the 

Department of Environmental Food and Rural Affairs.

How Does Halki Diabetes Remedy Work?

I know that the particulate matter 2.5 can penetrate your skin and enter the bloodstream. There is no viable way to prevent this from happening. However, Eric found out that it is possible to reverse the root cause of diabetes with the help of a Greek vegetable known as “kohlrabi“. Kohlrabi is also known as German turnip or cabbage turnip. It looks somewhat like cabbage or lettuce.

Marjoram was another herb that can repair the damage caused by PM 2.5. This is a Greek spice used to flavor the dressings. It is loaded with a nutrient known as beta carotene. Having said that, both kohlrabi and marjoram are cultivated in Greece. It is not easy to find these herbs in a supermarket in the United States. 

Hence, Eric, along with his friend Amanda Feerson’s (a medical researcher) help, came up with a recipe made from ingredients found in the United States. This recipe contains 8 essential antioxidants. Eric calls it “The Diabetes-Reversing 8“. Moreover, this all-American recipe contains the same nutrients and vitamins found in kohlrabi and marjoram. You can find the ingredients in any all-organic grocery store near your home.

What I Like About Halki Diabetes Remedy

I like the fact that Halki Diabetes Remedy is an all-natural herbal product. It has no side-effects. Secondly, the product is sold in the form of a booklet and a DVD. I don’t have to worry about the product being shipped in a damaged condition or contamination. Furthermore, the book is available in multiple formats. You can take control of your diabetes by ordering the eBook version within a couple of minutes. You can buy from here- Halki Diabetes Remedy

What I Don’t Like About Halki Diabetes Remedy

It is great that the ingredients mentioned in the recipes are all-American and easily available in grocery stores, but not everyone has the patience (or simple the spare time) to visit the grocery store, look for each ingredient, and finally prepare the concoction at home.

Baring the risk of expiration or contamination, there is no reason not to make this product available in a pill or tablet form.

My Recommendation

It feels great to read about important medical breakthroughs such as this one, but it is essential to take immediate action. Eric’s wife Cathy was told by doctors that her diabetes had gotten to a stage where there was nothing they could do except to inject her with My Redlin and hope that everything works out well. 

But, you don’t have to wait for that long. Halki Diabetes Remedy is for anyone suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. A prediabetic person can also benefit from this product as they get to flush the toxins so their bodies can strengthen their immune system.

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